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Why chain saws consume a lot of oil?

- May 25, 2018 -

Why chain saws consume a lot of oil?

First of all, several situations need to be determined: 1. The oil saw you mentioned is a light oil saw (below the displacement of 78) or a heavy oil saw (above the displacement of 78).
The two oil saws work in different ways and have different fuel consumption.
A light saw saves more oil than a heavy saw.
But the power light saw is small.
Only trees less than 50CM in diameter can be cut down.
And trees can't be particularly hard.

改CS5800-优点.jpg2. Do you say that the oil consumption of oil saw is the new oil consumption of saw, or after the use of old oil consumption.
If the oil consumption of the new saw is higher than that of the same condition, it is the carburetor problem.
Adjust the carburetor or change the carburetor.
If it's an old machine that USES fuel.
Well, check the reason.
Is the gasoline filter and air filter dirty or the chain not sharp enough.
It is also possible that the cylinder body is slightly worn out.
It depends on the machine.

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