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Why is a chainsaw cutting in a crooked way?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Why is a chainsaw cutting in a crooked way?

Do you mean that when you try to cross cut the cut runs off to one side? If so then it’s most likely because the teeth on one side of the chain are more worn than the other.

Most people find one side of the chain easier to sharpen than the other.That often means that they sharpen their favoured side more and do it more effectively.

If you have one side sharp and the other side duller then it will travel in the direction ofthe sharp teeth - quite simply they’re taking a deeper bite of the wood.

Look at the teeth opposite the side the saw is cutting towards - I think you’ll find them duller than the other side.

The way to fix it is first to try sharpening the dull side - if it’s not too far gone that might fix it. If not you’re best having the chain properly re-ground to have the teeth all re-sized. You can do this yourself if you have the right equipment, or you can take it to a service centre and have it done there for far less than the cost of a new chain.

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