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Why use a lawn mower? What are the advantages of the mower?

- May 16, 2018 -

Why use a lawn mower?
What are the advantages of the mower?

Nowadays, the use of lawn mower is very frequent, and it can be seen in green scenic spots, fields and football fields. The most commonly used mower is gasoline mower.
So why use a lawn mower?
What are the advantages of a lawn mower?
Let me give you a brief introduction today.


Why use a lawn mower?
What are the advantages of the mower?

Lawn mower, also called grass trimmer, cutting machine, a wide range of USES, mainly used in the botanical garden decorative trim, grass green trim, city streets, green spots, rural clip, the field weed control, especially the grass in the park and the plains, football and other use pasture, private villas, garden and agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry area vegetation nap, can also be used at the time of the autumn harvest.
The advantages of mower can be divided into the following four points:

One. High efficacy: generally, each mower can be mowed 8 x 667m2 per day, and its efficacy is 16 times that of artificial weeding (0.5x 667m2).

Two, the efficiency is good: because the lawn mower is spinning fast, the cutting effect is good to the orchard weed, especially the cutting effect of the weeds with high tenderness is better.
Usually weeding 3 times a year, basically can meet the weeding requirement.

Three, keep the soil and water conservation: artificial use hoe weeding, because in weeding and loosening the topsoil, so often can lead to a certain amount of soil erosion, on TiKan artificial weeding, caused by soil erosion is more serious.
The lawn mower is used to cut grass, because it is only to cut off the ground part of the weeds, which has little effect on the soil surface, and the solid soil effect of the grass roots, which is beneficial to soil and water conservation.

Four, increase fertility: using mowers mowing, after going to stay weeds grow to a certain height, cut down a lot of weeds covering orchard, but also when the orchard fertilizer, increase soil fertility.


Why use a lawn mower?
What are the advantages of the mower?

What is the use of the blade of the mower?

1. Rope -- for the relatively tender and easily cut grass;

2. Square blades -- mainly for hard, crisp, similar to reeds;

3. Diamond blade -- for rattan plants, small fine shrubs, and tough.

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