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Will you solve all these problems when using the saw?

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Will you solve all these problems when using the saw?

We all know that chain saw used for a long time will encounter this or that kind of problem, such as chain saw saw saw not bottom go to, or not in the tree, carburetor oil absorption, and can't afford to throttle and so on, so in the using process of chain saw you will solve these problems?
So let's analyze this for you.

1. The saw blade is fast, but it can't be cut down.

Sharp cutting edge is only a condition, the teeth should be interlaced and slightly deviated in different directions, so that the front saw seam will not affect the feed of the back blade.
Otherwise, the saw is too narrow, it will get stuck in the back of the blade, and the saw will not go down.

2.What is the reason why the saw cannot enter the tree?

See if the oil saw blade has a curling edge.
File it if you have it.
Then there may be a problem with the chain file of the saw. If you are a new hand, make sure to file the chain with the sharpest Angle fast, so that it won't stop entering and the saw won't deviate!


3.How does the oil saw pump work?

Sawing machine oil pump working principle: vortex rod drive a turbine, using the principle of volume ratio, make the oil formation in the negative pressure, under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the machine oil into the oil tube, to guide and the chain.
Sawing machine oil pump assembly is a two-stroke chain saw a large proportion of the lubrication system, it provides oil for high speed chain and guide plate, to prevent excess heat generated in the friction at work, the result of the chain saw chain guide plate temperature is too high and reduce the work efficiency.
The lubrication of the saw engine is accomplished by the two-stroke engine oil in the fuel oil.

4. Where is the problem that saw carburetor does not absorb oil?

See if the filter head in the oil tank is too dirty. If not, change it.
Determine whether the tubing is rotten;
Check if the carburetor is too dirty, or if the carburetor is not adjusted properly, loosen the oil needle slightly.
It may also be that the one-way valve on the tank is broken.

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