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2018 Qingdao International Garden Greening Development Curtain New Products Of Famous Enterprises Colorful Appearance

- Jun 24, 2018 -

2018 Qingdao international garden greening development curtain new products of famous enterprises colorful appearance

China (Qingdao) international garden and green industry EXPO 2018 (GFI+EXPO 2018) will be held in Qingdao international convention and exhibition center from June 22 to 24, 2018.
Take the exhibition as a bridge to promote the development of the industry. In order to make this exhibition the most effective and valuable professional exhibition, we will ensure the rights and interests of every exhibitor.
GFI+EXPO 2018 invites organizations, manufacturers, distributors, relevant departments and professional customers from all relevant industries at home and abroad to attend trade talks and exchanges, so as to see the style of the industry.
As a garden greening industry chain exposition, it shows a higher level in terms of exhibitors, exhibits and professional audiences.


This exhibition exhibition strong, many industry leaders here: Steele, animal husbandry, huasheng, big leaf, zongshen, green friends, changjiang machinery, Mr Sheng, American Champion, horses, three front, kawasaki, guang Yang, mitsubishi, yangzhou, Leo, Garrett, according to China, ningbo, bei, match, the United States is still within the central plains ecological exhibition will be there with many famous companies such as new product appearance, such as Andre Steele power tools co., LTD. Will be there with STIHL FS 230 cutting machine, FR 230 knapsack cutting machine, STIHL FS55 / FS55R portable cutting machine such as a new product;
Mu tian (China) co., LTD will carry duc254/204 rechargeable chainsaw and other new products.
Shandong huasheng zhongtian machinery group co., LTD. Will be there with EX13, EX17 gasoline engine, EX21 gasoline engine, gasoline engine 3 gb435 knapsack cutting machine, 3 gc250 side hanging type cutting machine, 3 gc400 side hanging type cutting machine, 3 gc435 side hanging type cutting machine, 6 mf - 19-45 a knapsack wind extinguisher, GJB65A hedge trimmer, GJB65Q tea tree pruning machine and other products;
Zhejiang sanfeng industrial co., LTD. Will carry 84V lithium electric garden series and other new products;
Xiamen yikaide industry and trade co., LTD. Will carry new products such as ec-67 electric reciprocating saw, ex-68 electric pruning shears, ec-69 electric chain saw and ec-86 wireless electric pruning shears of fruit trees.
Yongkang yongmeng industry and trade co., LTD. Will take aluminum series, straw series, starter series and other new products to participate in Qingdao garden greening exhibition 2018.

The seven features of GFI+EXPO 2018 stand out as a special exhibition that you can't miss.
Feature 1: four-exhibition linkage to build a complete industry chain;
Feature 2: gathering leading enterprises in the industry and setting up the industry weathervane;
Characteristic 3: relying on the advantageous resources of the industry association, building professional brand exhibition;
Feature 4: gathering high-quality buyers and building an industry exchange platform;
Feature 5: combine mainstream media to grasp the new trends of the industry;
Feature 6: one-stop new experience trading event;
Feature 7: a great interactive platform for "going out" and "bringing in".


GFI + EXPO 2018 trade show exhibits variety is complete, the cover (a) garden machinery outdoor power: lawn machine, hedge machine, lawn mower, cutting machine, grinder, broken branches, digging machine, micro tillage machine, machinery, chain saw, electric saw, hair dryer, spray, spray powder machine, handicraft, electric shears, hedge shears, cut, carburetor, the piston and cylinder toothed burclover, dozen straw rope, general gasoline engine, diesel engine, generator, water pump, beach vehicles (ATV), etc.;
(2) electric tools for garden tools: hand-held tools and accessories, electric tools and accessories, building materials and equipment, safety equipment and products, building materials machinery and accessories, electromechanical equipment and products;
(3) the landscape gardening landscape: garden life, horticultural products, green flowers and trees, landscape plants, horticultural suppliers, gardening tools, irrigation equipment, planting technology, plant protection, environmental protection, terrace construction, outdoor furniture, garden design, barbecue equipment, organic mulch;
(4) leisure agriculture characteristic town: leisure agricultural park planning, agricultural town, rural real estate planning design, intelligent household products, high-quality goods, home tour demonstration pilot project of real estate project characteristic town, beautiful country unit, villages and towns, urban design, residential new technologies, new products, and other products together, covering the landscape in various fields, to satisfy the buyers of all kinds of procurement requirements.


Conference activities, prepare a kick-off meeting for medium and long-term development planning, small gasoline engine industry in China in 2018 lithium electricity garden machinery standard workshop, garden machinery, technology and application of peak BBS, the road mobile machinery environmental protection technology policy discussion and intelligence community (gasoline engine), the characteristics of small towns and new economic BBS kinetic energy industry development activities such as incoming profusion, GFI + EXPO 2018 beyond the exhibition, to meet diversified demands in the customers.

2018 China (Qingdao) international landscaping industry exposition is a major event, the annual landscaping industry as the first domestic indoor exhibition + outdoor experience characteristic display method, not only exhibits a wide range covers landscape gardening, landscape, garden machinery, outdoor power, hardware tools, electric tools.
Focus on new era characteristics of residential industry exhibition "beautiful countryside, characteristic town, intelligent household" in areas such as chain upstream and downstream products, there are nearly a square meter outdoor large outdoor presentation and interactive experience, for all kinds of garden machinery experience activities.
GFI+EXPO 2018 brings together the best products from many industries, making it the most convenient platform for merchants to conduct business cooperation and promote products.
We will create a professional garden greening exhibition to provide a powerful platform for enterprises to show their strength, promote their brands, display their products, make friends and negotiate cooperation.


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