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2018 Russia International Hardware Tools Exhibition: The International Hardware Market Must Contend For

- Jun 13, 2018 -

2018 Russia international hardware tools exhibition: the international hardware market must contend for

In recent years, Russia's economy has grown steadily, investment in infrastructure has increased, the market for building materials is booming, and the demand for hardware tools has increased at an average rate of 10% a year.
According to the official announcement of Russia, by 2016, Russia has reached 100 million square meters of floor space!
More and more business centers, shopping centers and hotels are appearing on the map of Moscow, with 360 square meters of office space under construction.
By 2025, Moscow's office space will reach 37 million square meters, so the hardware market is in great demand!


Russian heavy industry and energy industry foundation is strong, weak and hardware technology, most of the hardware is heavily dependent on imports, the characteristics of hardware tools products with superior quality and competitive price in China, to win more and more market share.

Moreover, Russia's recovery has come from exports of oil and weapons, and its purchasing power is strong as long as oil is around $80 a barrel.
Oil money has made Russia richer, and infrastructure is booming.

1528256979215159.pngAs the only potential growth market in the world, the trade between Russia and China is growing rapidly!
Trade between China and Russia reached us $84.07 billion in 2017, up 20.8 percent, according to data released by the general administration of customs.
China has remained Russia's largest trading partner for eight consecutive years.
Since 2018, the bilateral trade between China and Russia has started off well. In the first quarter, the bilateral trade volume increased by nearly 30% year-on-year and is expected to exceed 100 billion us dollars for the whole year.

2018 Russia international hardware tools exhibition

MITEX (2018)

Exhibition time: November 6 -9, 2018

Exhibition venue: Moscow ruby exhibition center, Russia

Exhibits: electric, pneumatic tools and consumables;
Hand tools.
Abrasive tool;
The battery;
Metal processing tools and machine tools;
Wire, ceramic, pipe, plastic and other processing tools and equipment;
Woodworking tools;
Automobile maintenance and repair tools and equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and accessories;
Measuring tools and testing equipment;
Instrument and instrument;
Welding machines and accessories;
Garden tools and equipment;
Forestry equipment;
Transmission equipment and technology;
Blasting equipment;
Industrial cleaning;
Thermal spray technology, surface treatment technology;
Paint spraying tools;
Air compressor;
The generator;
Toolkits and packaging equipment in workshops or warehouses;
Laser cutting machinery;
The mold;
Security systems and equipment, working clothes and safety equipment;
Fixed parts, hardware products.


MITEX held since 1998, hosted by the EUROEXPO, is Russia's largest and the only professional international hardware show, was established on January 1, 2015 the Eurasian economic union within all countries, the only professional hardware tools, influence in Europe after Germany cologne hardware fair, is one of Europe's most influential hardware exhibition.
The exhibition has increasingly become the only exhibition for Chinese hardware products exported to Russia and even the whole Eurasian economic union.


In MITEX, you can display hardware industry the company's latest products, increase the company profile, understand the latest development of hardware tools industry trends, and professional face to face communication, talk to get industry information, at the same time can also and the Russian local businesses and CIS international businesses.


Exhibition organizers will also host more than free seminars and academic report, and Russian television, radio, print media, such as a wide range of public and marketing activities to publicize this exhibition, your business and products will be widely and powerful propaganda!

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