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A Man And His Chainsaw

- Mar 24, 2018 -

A man and his chainsaw


Right now, the most valuable items in the storm-damaged parts of Calhoun County are chainsaws. Gas-powered — no electric models, obviously — with sharpened blades and skilled operators and tanks full of fuel. Soldiers in combat need weapons. Surgeons need scalpels. And communities knocked to their knees by tornadoes need chainsaws. Lots of them.

The manufacturer doesn’t matter.

They’re versatile, like duct tape. After a tornado, when majestic oaks and ubiquitous pines and all sorts of wooden debris hamper a community’s ability to recover, they can do just about anything.

They can clear downed trees from roads.

They can removed massive oaks from roofs and garages.

They can cut through limbs that have trapped cars in driveways.

They can carve sculptures out of almost anything — ice, tree stumps and even stone if you have the right kind of saw and blade. But no one’s doing that this weekend up in Jacksonville and Angel and West Point and Wellington and other parts of the county still reeling from Monday night’s category EF-3 tornado. Fun can wait.

Quote from:www.annistonstar.com

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