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Adjust The Mixture So That The Maximum Energy Is Adjusted By The Oil Saw

- Mar 31, 2018 -

Adjust the mixture so that the maximum energy is adjusted by the oil saw


Chain saw with its high efficiency, simple structure, light quality, easy to operate, and the advantages of mobile and flexible, forest logging in the production of single process mechanization in our country has made certain contribution, is often used by people of a kind of garden machinery, but the service life of the chain saw generally less than 1200 h, chain saw early damage for many reasons, among them due to improper use, bad mixture atomization and make the chain saw the engine work produces deflagration, chain saw early damage is the most common.Moreover, the concentration of the mixture is not easy to be found, and its harmness is greater, so special attention should be paid to it.Adjust the mixture to give the oil saw its maximum energy.

Adjust the mixture to give the oil saw its maximum energy.

1. The mixture is strong: when the mixture is strong, the engine is strong, but the exhaust pipe has a light black smoke, and the fuel consumption increases, the spark plug electrode is black, and the accumulation of carbon is increased.The reason is: the carburetor air filter is blocked, the air quantity is insufficient;The carburetor oil valve spring is too soft, and the main nozzle is too high to adjust the screw.

2. The mixture is too thick: when the mixture is too thick, the engine will not start well, and the engine speed is not uniform.The muffler puffed black smoke.The cause is the fault of carburetor, such as oil valve spring failure, should be disassembled carburetor for further examination and adjustment.

3. The mixture is too thin: when the mixture is too thin, the engine has a higher number of idle turns, the engine overheats, the power is not enough, and the carburetor can't even start, and it is easy to stall.Reason is: the carburetor oil valve spring force is too strong, carburetor film frozen hard, in the carburetor is too dirty, the main fuel injection nozzle adjustment screw screwing is overmuch, quantitative oil needle is too low, and the untight seal leak phenomenon, etc.

Chain saw as a high frequency used in forest region and has a certain risk of garden tools, should pay attention to the safety of the chain saw, even to strengthen the maintenance of chain saw parts, reduce the fault chain saw various accessories, engine chain saw, at work if well mixture atomization, burning full, fuel can play out the biggest energy.If the mixture is atomized, some of the fuel is discharged from the exhaust, not only the engine power is insufficient, but also the economic performance is not good.Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the concentration of the mixture in the work, to ensure the full combustion of the fuel and to exert the maximum energy.

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