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Chain Saw Maintenance Tips In Time To Clean Parts

- May 15, 2018 -

Chain saw maintenance tips in time to clean parts

"Seven minutes maintenance three points", this sentence is very applicable to garden machinery.Develop good maintenance habits, and make your garden equipment comfortable and durable.Regular cleaning of certain parts of machinery is a good way to maintain.However, many equipment failures are related to the cleaning up, and the following cases are Shared with others and hope to be enlightening.

Cleaning of the exhaust pipe.

The clogged exhaust pipe may cause the oil saw engine to fail.The machine returned to normal after an oil saw was not available, cleaning the exhaust pipe of the gambling plug.Later, a similar type of oil saw exhaust pipe was blocked, after cleaning and dredging the engine normal car.


Cleaning of carburetor.

Customer can't send two car chain saw, after analysis found carburetor is very dirty and bad oil needle deflection atomization caused by fault, after cleaning the carburetor, clean up the spark plug, adjust the carburetor oil after needle, the car in good condition.

The cleaning of spark plugs.

A customer called to say that there is an oil saw no car, after inspection is the spark plug deposit too much carbon deposition, after cleaning spark plug normal car.

Spark plug, carburetor anomalies and exhaust pipe blockage may cause chain saw engine starting is difficult, so we must pay attention to the maintenance of chain saw, often clean up the air filter, spark plug, the exhaust pipe parts, etc.

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