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Chainsaw Cut Bamboo, Save Time And Effort

- May 03, 2018 -

Chainsaw cut bamboo, save time and effort


The roar of the engines sounded in the bamboo forest, and a new game was about to take place.
As the "start" command was issued, zhan chunhong, from a mechanical company in hangzhou, held a chainsaw and saw off the root of the bamboo root.
On the other side, he zhong also had a machete, cutting bamboo with a knife.
After about 15 seconds, the two men cut bamboo and fell to the ground.
Recently, the county forestry bureau organized the local professional logging team to observe the mechanized field experiment of bamboo cutting in the area of the lion lake reservoir, liujiantang village, shangshu township.
Zhan chun-hong, the director of the exhibition, said that the oil saw, which he showed, was imported from Japan and was portable, which had practical effect on the mechanization of bamboo cutting.
"Very fast indeed."
Have their own logging team, with professional experience He Zhong said, although both neck and neck, but not usually cut bamboo felling at that fast speed, the device to improve the work efficiency and save workers Labour is good.
"The saws require a single hand with a saw, but its weight is about 6 jins, and the long operation of the workers may injure themselves."
There is no objection to the efficiency of the oil saw, but the security guarantee has become the focus of his concern.
"We have a professional protective clothing, portable air permeability, saw blade touching the clothes will stop" "three a group of workers, a man saw, one hand, a person split branches, three people can also rotate"...
The crowd gathered wisdom and immediately solved the problems found in the process.
The oil saw was approved by the public, and the four oil saws brought by the factory were distributed to the logging team by the forestry bureau.
"Let's try for a period of time and experience the pros and cons and then promote them."
Zhang jian, director of the industry office of the county forestry bureau, said that mechanization is the direction of bamboo cutting in the future.

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