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China Beijing High-end Garden Industry New Energy Seminar

- Jun 27, 2018 -

China Beijing high-end garden industry new energy seminar


At the requirement of the era and the development of science and technology, China's landscape industry into a new mode to upgrade time, collection of many manufacturers and partners suggestion, we held the first (private sector development strategy investment and executive conference).
To host the highest level of elite association industry conference in Beijing garden industry jointly organized by domestic or regional organizations (such as the organizing committee of the conference).
Since the 21st century, the greening industry has been held many times in different countries and regions every year.

From four aspects to convention aims to contribute to our garden industry development: (1) for the national industry manufacturers and partners related professionals, young entrepreneurs, and concerned about new energy mechanical and greening of the people from all walks of life, and has rich experience in other industries and want to get into green, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry, the cleaning industry provide face-to-face exchanges and cooperation platform;

(2) to provide mechanical equipment manufacturing industry and the development trend of global purchasing tools and professional skills related to the latest information, within the scope of the industry caused more and more people focus on garden industry seminars, let people realize the landscaping industry as a way of life and values in the future, one of the important growth path is indispensable to the development of industry;

(3) we aim to provide all international delegations and relevant manufacturers' organizations attending the conference with the opportunity to explore and experience the culture and projects of the landscaping industry of the host country or region of the conference;

(4) finally, through the media and mass communication before and after the seminar, the overall development of the industry of the organizing committee of the conference or regional industrial manufacturers can be assisted, and the influence within the peer can be enhanced.

The 1st seminar will be held in Beijing on May 10, 2018.


This important good news will greatly promote the development of China's landscaping industry, which is of milestone significance.
This important achievements hard-won, is sponsored by eight manufacturers and related elite institutions sponsored the conference organising committee, and the more the result of the hero behind the big half the elaborate planning file, of course, more important is our Chinese garden to the common effort of all the peers over the past few years.
In order to make the meeting to be a successful meeting, not only can promote the great development of the Chinese garden machinery industry, can be all Chinese landscaping our colleagues around the world a chance to show your Chinese style, Chinese level counterparts in front, the conference organizing committee (by the original eight body as well as the domestic industry are domestic manufacturers association, vice chairman of a total of eight people) sincerely invites to landscaping industry peers, with joint conference organising committee looking forward to more enthusiastic people actively involved in the 2018 China top Beijing garden industry conference preparation and organization work!


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