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China (Qingdao) International Garden Greening Industry Expo 2018 Invites Free Visit!

- Jun 11, 2018 -

China (Qingdao) international garden greening industry expo 2018 invites free visit!

China (Qingdao) international garden greening industry exposition 2018 is a professional garden greening industry exhibition which emerged under the background of "innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing".

In under the background of advancing the process of urbanization, the national policy, the characteristics of small town construction and city planning "garden city", "ecological city" and other standards for local government attaches importance to the landscape in the urban construction, urban residential comfort and requirements of housing consumption level upgrade also stimulate the rising of the botanical garden afforestation, urban ecological greening transformation expansion demand market space is very wide, all of this for the landscaping industry into the high-speed development of channel provides favorable conditions.

As the country is becoming more and more attention to the ecological environment, sponge city, wetland reserves, wetland park construction, hydraulic engineering and road slope ecological restoration project, the rise of tourism and leisure vacation industry, greatly stimulate the tourist city landscape construction and greening construction, the forward target and potential for the development of the landscape industry provides a huge market opportunity and the infinite business opportunities.
With new features, new features, new specialties and new features, the promotion and application of landscaping products have broad prospects.

Therefore, we sincerely invite the landscaping industry related units involved in the exhibition, together with us forces, with the strength of professional team and build international high quality landscaping professional exhibitions, consolidate and promote to create national garden city and urban greening and landscape construction.


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