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City Greening Company City Greening Emergency Team To Adhere To The First Line Of Anti - Typhoon

- Jun 16, 2018 -

City greening company city greening emergency team to adhere to the first line of anti - typhoon

This year, on June 6, 4, typhoon "ewiniar" successively in zhanjiang, guangdong province xuwen county town land grows haikou city, hainan province, and on June 7th at 20 and 30 points in yangjiang 'island landing again, landed near central maximum wind magnitude 8 (20 m/s).
This typhoon has the characteristics of "slow moving speed, complicated path, stable strength, multiple landings, heavy wind and light rain".
Affected by the typhoon circulation, extreme weather from heavy rain to heavy rain and local heavy rain occurred in guangzhou on June 8. Red warning signals of heavy rain were hoisted successively in all areas.
Road traffic was seriously affected by flooding and falling trees on several urban roads.
Guangzhou city greening greening company wrecking crew immediately start emergency contingency plans, until at 11 o 'clock on June 9, wrecking crew received emergency call 81, disaster area mainly concentrated in baiyun district, yuexiu district, zhuhai, etc, were sent to rescue personnel 488 people, emergency vehicle 84 trains.
According to the bureau of the unified arrangement, greening the first engineering company in guangzhou city were devoted to the rescue of the typhoon, the rapid deployment of engineering vehicles, chain saw and other rescue facilities equipment, complete the baiyun mountain scenic area is wide road lodging garden trees cleaning, landslides and mud pickup, etc.

Guangzhou next week will usher in a new round of heavy rain process, urban greening wrecking crew will pay close attention to the weather in guangzhou, a 24-hour duty system, always prepare for emergency rescue, embattled, eliminate safety hidden danger in time, to ensure the safety of citizens' travel.

Quote from:http://www.gz.gov.cn/


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