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Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Garden Machinery - Chain Saw

- May 16, 2018 -

Common problems and treatment methods of garden machinery - Chain saw
改CS5800-优点.jpgThe mechanical equipment of the garden includes many kinds, such as: chain saw, hedgerow machine, mower, ground drill and so on.
In the garden machinery, chain saw is the most commonly used machinery and equipment, in the process of use of chain saw, always because of the influence of the objective factors or human factors, makes the chain saw often appear some fault, embodied in the following:
The engine is not easy to start.
Engine starting difficulty, more with steam, oil, electricity.
To find the cause of the problem, consider these three aspects:
First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the spark discharge effect of spark plugs is not ideal. If this is the case, adjust the gap in the spark plug or replace it with a new spark plug.
Secondly, it is necessary to consider whether the ignition caused by the magneto is not correct. If it is the reason for this, the engine should be re-adjusted.
Finally, want to consider is due to the use of substandard petrol, or gasoline is not enough pure reasons caused the engine start difficult and so on, if belong to this kind of situation, then, to make a replacement for gasoline.
In addition, it is also necessary to consider whether the air filter is blocked due to the blockage of the air filter. If this is the case, clean the air filter.

Two, do not value chain saw maintenance.
1. The oil tank is well sealed, and the mixture ratio is reasonable.
Oil blending ratio of kripu chain saw :25:1(above standard gasoline 25: mobil 2 stroke engine oil 1)
2. Check the air filter, spark plug, carburetor, guide plate and other parts every month to ensure the failure.
3. The machine core and the combustion chamber shall be cleaned every six months, and the parts shall be repaired once a month to ensure the normal state.
4. Check the hunger: check every time before use, ensure the line is in good condition, have normal power, normal load, and no aging of high pressure coil.
5. Fuselage maintenance: the surface of the fuselage should be glossy without mechanical damage and rust should be removed and painted.
6. Chain: if the chain saw is not used for a long time, clean the chain with a brush and put it in the oil pool for safekeeping.


3. Other common problems.
1. The engine runs black smoke, mainly due to the unpure gasoline, excessive oil, abnormal carburetor and so on;
2. The engine power is insufficient, mainly because the air door is not open, the oil line is not used, and the exhaust pipe is blocked;
3. The engine starts to bounce back, mainly due to excessive oil and gap between valve and valve;
4. The pump of gasoline engine does not discharge water, because of water seal aging, internal impeller damage, pump shell rupture, etc.
5. The engine cannot quench the fire, due to the failure of the flameout switch and the problem of ignition coil line;
4. Use garden machinery to pay attention to matters.
To ensure the safety of garden machinery, avoid the occurrence of accidents.
Do not be tired when using garden machinery.
Proper measures should be taken to prevent fatigue and ensure the safety of the operation process:
1. Establish self-protection awareness, strengthen self-management of life, and ensure sufficient sleep.
2, to ensure that plenty of energy, each operation should be stop 5-10 minutes rest after 2 hours, continuous operation for nearly five hours should have the time to rest 1 hour, a day of the operation time shoulds not be more than 8 hours.
3. When you are tired and sleepy, you should use a cold towel to scrub and blow the cool air. When yawning, you should take a deep breath or do some stretching exercises.
4. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking when you are tired, do not take sleeping pills, or drink some refreshing drinks such as strong tea or coffee.
The oil saw is mainly used for the shaping and shoot of shrubs, flower clusters and other seedlings. It can also be used for the cutting of small seedlings.
The equipment is light and easy to operate and maintain. Everyone should follow the instructions in the use and maintenance of the oil saw.

DSC_7636.JPGTo solve above problems in the chain saw, we know no matter use which kinds of garden machinery, when occurrence problem of machinery and equipment, to further search for the cause of the problem, and to find a solution to the countermeasures to resolve the problems, make garden machinery equipment can run properly.

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