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Create A Garden City Of You And Me And Him

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Create a garden city of you and me and him


A young landscaper wipes wooden steps and railings at the city's sports theme park on May 23.
She was meticulous as if she were cleaning her furniture.
Have rail section area belongs to her, go to work every day began cleaning, almost need more than two hours to finish the work, "micro letter movement" shows that more than ten thousand steps, steps on the steps and pavement the mud on rainy days, need more time to clean up, sometimes after a day's work the leg swelling.
The garden workers xiaojuan said: "it is my duty to clean the garden, I feel very happy, looking at visitors standing on a clean surface, enjoying the park green scenery, breathing the fresh air, feel the job is particularly meaningful."
At present, our city is creating a national garden city, improve the city image and creating high-quality living environment, the whole city hard, people like ordinary and silently xiaojuan has many, many, they all jobs of the distribution in the city, to build beautiful livable xinzhou down-to-earth work.
It is the persistence and diligence of these small roles that will make the work of national garden city move forward in an orderly manner, and create an ecological xin zhou that is suitable for living and working and has pleasant scenery.
Here is a photo report by xu guohua, a gardener journalist in baojie
Trim trees to beautify the environment
Our correspondent May 22, the reporter sees in my city city urban main road, garden worker holds clipping tree shears, hedge shears and so on, busy undertake clipping to seedling.
After careful pruning of the seedlings, neat and beautiful, vibrant, beautifying the urban environment.
Institution in the street, the reporter saw garden workers of three, five, handheld pruning tools, the roadside FengJingShu clip, a moment later, one round of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane FengJingShu presented here, coruscate gives new vitality.
The gardeners nearby cleaned the pruned branches and leaves in time to keep the green belts and roads clean and tidy.


"After a heavy rain and the right temperature, the trees and plants grow especially well."
"If the trees and lawns are not cut in time, the trees and lawns will grow in a disorderly and disordered way, which will affect the beauty of the landscape," said the gardener, aunt zhang, who is pruning the roadside trees.
In recent years, the city bureau of parks and woods to make green products as the goal, organize regular workers implement science for greening trees pruning, beautify the tree, to the city road "beauty", further improve the urban greening and beautification class, praised by the public.
Photo taken by zhang zhiyuan, a street gardener cutting trees for the university

Quote from:https://www.thepaper.cn

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