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Cutting Irrigation Machine Two Stroke And Four Stroke Which Good?

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Cutting irrigation machine two stroke and four stroke which good?

The characteristics of the four-stroke mower are: the machine is heavier than that of the two-stroke mower, but it has stable performance, less vibration, less noise, less oil, easy maintenance, easy replacement of standard parts, easy maintenance.
Pure gasoline combustion, no oil, easy to operate, longer service life than two stroke.
If you are harvesting soft crops, it is recommended that you choose a four-stroke mower to harvest more neatly and efficiently.


Showbull four-stroke lawn mower increases the abrasion resistance, usability and torque of the machine, and improves the efficiency of pit excavation more effectively, while saving manpower and saving oil and energy.

The two-stroke mower is based on the principles of racing cars.
Compared with the four-stroke model, the same horsepower, large power, light body, high oil consumption, if you are cutting shrubs, more rigid weeds, it is recommended that you choose the two-stroke mower for better use.
At the same time, the two-stroke engine is gasoline and engine oil mixed in proportion to burn together, generally it is 25:1, gasoline: engine oil ratio.
The two-stroke mower can work for a long time without changing the oil every time it is used like the four-stroke mower. Therefore, if you want to work frequently for a long time, you can choose the two-stroke mower.

Showbull mower can be used in different fields of work depending on the user's environment.
Whether you choose a two-stroke mower or a four-stroke mower, you can choose the right one according to your own situation.
I hope we can help you today.

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