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Denison Family Brings 'Chainsaw Party' Attitude For Storm Cleanup

- Mar 11, 2018 -

Denison family brings 'Chainsaw Party' attitude for storm cleanup


"It's a mess it's a big mess," said homeowner Denise Dixon.

Around 7:30 Wednesday night, this tree split on top of this home off Texas and Crockett in Denison.

"The storm got it," said homeowner Billy Dixon. "Ice on the tree split it and fell on the house, oh my God."

"I was sitting in my house last night and I heard this crumbing coming down and I just grabbed my dog and hunkered down," Denise Dixon said. "I thought it was coming through my house."

The homeowners said they didn't want to wait for a tree removal service, so they called up a few friends.

"Got Donnie, Rodger, Carl," listed Billy Dixon. "My wife out here, got one of my neighbors out here."

And grabbed a few chainsaws and got to work.

"Just get your friends together and have a chainsaw pary," Denise Dixon said.

"Chainsaw party," said neighbor Maureen LeCuyer.


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