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Does The Mower Catch Fire?

- Jul 05, 2018 -

Does the mower catch fire?

First, remove the spark plug and put it on the head of the machine cylinder to start it up to see if there is any spark. At the same time, see if there is any oil mist coming out from the hole of the spark plug.

Have a thorough knowledge of the spark, no oil mist, can check whether there is oil tank switch is open, if there is any oil and fuel tank switch is open, that must be cleaning the carburetor carburetor jams.

Strong spark, a very thick oil mist, after continuous start times is still a thick mist, explain mixture concentration is too big, can adjust the height of the needle carburetor float oil, reduce oil level decrease injection.

The spark is weak and the spark plug is black. Please replace the spark plug or igniter.

No spark, can check the firearm and spark plug, usually the ignition is broken.

Daily use of mower troubleshooting
Is the lawn mower untrimmed?

The trim is uneven, there is no leveling effect, it is generally due to the dull blade.
Therefore, the blade of the mower is usually polished once every ten days. The hob blade can extend the grinding frequency to every three months.


Why do lawn mowers smoke?

If the muffler of the mower engine is in smoke, it may be because the mixture proportion of intake combustion is too large.
Clean the empty filter or replace it with a new one.
If the fault persists, clean the engine carburetor that adjusts the mower.
Generally, it only needs to release the extra oil and run for another ten minutes.
If the fault still exists at this time, the maintenance staff should be called to repair the engine.


What should I do when the pull rope bounces off when the mower starts?

When the lawn mower starts, the pull rope has rebound phenomenon, which is mainly caused by the ignition time in advance.
In addition, it is also possible that the blade hit a hard object in the process of cutting grass and cut the flywheel key.

The daily use of the mower should master skills, pay attention to safe and correct use, in order to reduce the occurrence of failure.
Lawn mower after use, to cope with the thorough cleaning, and check whether all the screw fastening, the oil level of the oil is in accordance with the provisions, whether the air filter performance is good, the blade with and without defects, etc.
Also according to the years of use of the mower, strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts, and carry out periodic maintenance.

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