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Eye-opening!China's Independent Research And Development Of New Energy Garden Machinery Shocked The World

- Jun 12, 2018 -

Eye-opening!China's independent research and development of new energy garden machinery shocked the world


Garden machinery is a topic that cannot be opened during the maintenance of gardeners. The mechanized operation has brought us convenience and greatly improved the working efficiency.
However, the maintenance of garden machinery is the biggest headache. When the machine stops running, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also increase the maintenance cost.

Fuel oil garden machinery often needs to replace spark plug, start pull rope, pull disc, filter core, cylinder body, piston, piston ring, connecting rod and so on.
If the ratio of gasoline to oil is not well controlled, it will also cause the cylinder to be pulled, and the cost will be higher.

Reducing maintenance of garden machinery and improving efficiency have been the efforts of scientists all over the world.
China blazed a senior engineers, fully carry forward the spirit power, after thousands of failures, successfully developed a simple operation, low failure rate, basic need not a series of professional garden maintenance machinery maintenance


China has created a breakthrough in the global technology of hand-held electric garden machinery with a short battery life of six hours.

It is understood that this product is jointly developed by yibei new energy and piaogreen landscape doctor. The company is a professional brand operator of electric garden tools integrating r&d, production, sales and service.
Since its establishment in 2012, the company has carried out a series of research and development work on the application of clean energy in garden equipment.
Company research and development of "green fence machine reciprocating saw blades" won the state intellectual property office of the "utility model patent certificate", issued by the "hedge machine gear transmission system" and so on 7 after an application for a patent for invention won the state intellectual property office of the audit.

Advantage of a

Energy saving and environmental protection

At present domestic commonly used hedge garden maintenance machine oil for gasoline hybrid hedgerow machine, the normal work between 6.5 7.5 yuan per hour, according to the calculation work 6 hours a day, a day of oil consumption reached 39, 45 yuan, and about 100-120 db noise at work, workers working in a high intensity noise environment for a long time, may lead to lead to the incidence of hearing loss, deafness and other occupational disease increased significantly, while emissions of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide will not only pollute the air, but also can lead to poisoning, and even have dangerous life, often also need to change the spark plug, start rope, etc., high maintenance cost,
The annual maintenance cost exceeds 500 yuan.

ht225l.jpgAnd 1.5 hours per charge lithium electricity hedgerow machine, consumes only 0.3 degrees, costs just 0.2 yuan, and without any pollution, about 70 decibels, noise intensity at work without any harm to human body, is the real green environmental protection products, in addition to use company unique intelligent brushless motor drive technology, the service life of the machine more than 30000 hours, average garden enterprise use garden tools scrap for 3 years.

The new energy tea picking machine with the latest technology has greatly saved manpower

Advantage 2

Humanized design

ELBE lithium electric hedge machine blades' long, use efficiency than the commonly used gasoline hedgerow machine by 20%, the blade is made of high quality imported steel special process refined but become, effectively improve the degree of blade sharp and increase the wear resistance of the blade, in addition, soft handle can meet the requirements of different groups of human body engineering, the sharply reduce operator fatigue, double switch design to prevent wrong operation, low noise, low vibration, effectively protect workers from danger."


Advantage three

Safe and efficient

According to sun tianbing, the sales manager of the company, "ELBE lithium electric hedge machine" has been on the market since its launch.
Tian-bing sun said the company plans to further expand production capacity, in the province have set up in each terminal sales market sales and after-sales service center, let "ELBE lithium electric hedge machine" quickly occupied the Chinese market, at the same time will lease sharing model in global garden tools industry initiative, let more landscape companies use efficient environmental protection equipment, let the city sky more blue, make garden workers work safer, healthier.

With the development of technology and the enhancement of market promotion, the era of electric garden equipment replacing fuel oil garden equipment has come.

The advent of the national patent technology, fill in several blanks garden maintenance machinery industry at home and abroad, bring the Gospel for the global landscape maintenance industry practitioners, let the garden maintenance become healthy, simple and efficient, greatly saves the cost for landscape maintenance enterprises, improve the working efficiency, let the city sky bluer, the water more green.


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