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God Skills: Men's Top Chin M Walk 71 Meters To Refresh The World Record

- Nov 24, 2017 -

BEIJING, June 26 Xinhua BEIJING, According to foreign media reports, from New York, United States, Fuman with chin to withstand the operation of the electric lawn mower, walk more than 71 meters, breaking his previous Guinness World Records.

It is reported that before, Folman is the balance of the Chin to withstand the power of the lawn mower, Guinness world record holder walking the farthest distance.

Fowler once again challenged the new record this time, when he put the lawn mower down the sidewalk, has gone 71.53 meters, easily break the previous 20-meter record, more than 50 meters.

Ferman looks relaxed in the face of challenges, but he says he must constantly overcome the forces of nature. He said: "The wind is your real enemy in this balancing act, and when I encounter several gusts, the mower is about to turn around."

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