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He Didn't Find Himself Hurt Until He Put Out The Fire

- Jun 15, 2018 -

He didn't find himself hurt until he put out the fire


June 2, 2018, 21, armed police forest team assets of hulun buir city brigade 85 soldiers fire control command from a superior, adopt the mode of motorization march to sweat horse of fire operational tasks, travel long distances of more than 700 miles to get to a long mountain forestry bureau, northern airland point after, and immediately took a helicopter to fire the northeast line, the northeast line operational tasks and then adopt the method of marching on foot to fire the worst northwest line for reinforcements, the fire officers and soldiers long marches without rest, arrived in the northwest line immediately after launch operational tasks.

The forest near the northwest line of the fire site is complex and the slope is more than 50 degrees. The soldiers need to use their hands and feet to cut the road with a saw and a machete while putting out the fire.
The height of forest fire is more than three meters, and the fire-fighting environment is quite dangerous and bad.

As the host, wu yong has been rushing in front of the fire fighting mission.
In flop to the most complex, the high terrain accidentally stepped on a stone, the body out of balance, the possible slide down dangerous moment, left hand conveniently grabbed a burning tree trunks, hand instant hot blisters, but fire scene was a difficult task, complex, moor-jankowski always stand in a line, until the operational tasks also pain, without saying anything.

When his comrades were eating and resting, yuan tiangang, the captain of the team, found wu's left hand burned. His comrades were moved to tears by the young soldier born in 1997.
Then he hurriedly asked the military doctor to handle the wound for wu yong. Before the treatment, the military doctor took this photo at random. This is our soldier.


Wu yong, corporal, born in April 1997, is now the squad leader of the eighth squadron of forest brigade, arong qi, armed police.
Army for four years, as a month, a year is lead by example, requires soldiers do, do it yourself, and have played an important role ties and Bridges, obtained the leadership and fellow's consistent recognition and affirmation.

"What I wanted was to put out the open fire as soon as possible," wu said in an interview.

"At the time of fire environment is bad, the woods dense, the slope is steep, blazes when is very difficult, as the host of hand I was thrashed trees, things happen, conveniently grabbed his left hand a burning tree trunks.
I didn't care much at the time. I didn't realize my hand had been scalded until I had put out the open fire.

Quote from:http://www.xinhuanet.com

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