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Hedge Machine These Common Sense You All Know?

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Lift the hedge trimmer, there may be a lot of people are more strange, there is no impression of such things, but if you tell the trimmer, so most people may know. Hedge trimmer, also known as hedge trimmer, hedge trimmer is generally used to trim flowers and a machine suitable for tea pruning, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping professional pruning. Generally refers to the Hedgerow machine relies on a small gasoline engine driven blade cutting rotation, the current Hedgerow points single-edged hedge trimmer, double-edged hedge trimmer. Hedge trimmer structure by the fuel tank ---- oil system; magnetic motor ---- circuit system; engine ---- power system, exhaust pipe, gear box, chain saw blade and other components. Home if there is a large area of trees and flowers planted friends can have a hedge trimmer, it is also very convenient to use.

Notes on fuel use

(1) no fuel during use, be sure to stop the engine, make sure there is no fireworks around before refueling.

(2) When refueling, such as fuel spatter, be sure to attach the body of the fuel wipe clean before starting the engine.

(3) Do not smoke while working or refueling.

(4) Seal the container after refueling, and then start the engine at a distance of more than 3 meters from the fuel container.

(5) hedge trimmer engine fuel used is a mixture of oil and gasoline, is a flammable. Please do not refuel or store fuel in places that may cause fire such as incinerators, burners, stoves, etc.

Pre-construction precautions

(1) Before starting work, carefully check the various parts of the machine and confirm that there is no looseness, oil leakage, damage, or deformation of the screw before starting work. In particular the blade and the blade connecting parts should be more carefully examined.

(2) Before starting work, first understand the condition of the site (terrain, the nature of hedges, the location of obstacles, the surrounding danger, etc.) and remove obstacles that can move.

(3) Please use sharp blade which we grind.

(4) Make sure the blade is not collapsed, rift, bending before use. Never use an unusual blade.

(5) Tighten the screws on a good blade, the first hand to turn the blade to check whether the upper and lower swing or abnormal sound. Swinging up and down may cause abnormal vibrations or loosening of the fixed part of the blade.

(6) Operators as the center, within a radius of 15 meters for the danger zone, in order to prevent others from entering the area, to be surrounded with ropes or erected wooden sign to warn. In addition, several people work at the same time, from time to time to say hello to each other and maintain a certain safety distance.

(7) grinding the blade, in order to prevent the blade from cracking, the tooth root must be arch-shaped.

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