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How Do You Adjust The Chain Saw Carburetor ?

- May 13, 2018 -

How do you adjust the chain saw carburetor ?


First, adjust carburetor, < H oil needle > and < L wind needle > tighten gently and then all turn out between one and a half laps and two laps. It is easy to damage the engine oil needle to adjust the idle speed slightly, when the oil needle is less than one and a half times. Idle speed or mainly by the T-needle to adjust. Second, check the oil filter head, you can remove the oil filter head, then start the chainsaw test is normal, if the trouble is removed, it is proved that the oil filter head is blocked, please wash the oil filter head patiently. The metal filter inside the oil filter can not be removed, which prevents water from blocking the oil filter. Third, check the intake valve of the tank, if the intake is good, the cap of the steam tank loosens the suction of the air and accelerates at this time, which proves that the intake of the negative pressure valve is insufficient, replaced or adjusted. Fourth, the British star, the backbone, the Chinese horse chainsaw uses the carburetor is the Japanese imports, therefore in the cleaning carburetor time, asks everybody not to adjust the oil surface easily and destroy the original structure, the cleaning thorough may rest assured use.

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