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How To Adjust The Mixing Ratio Of Saw Carburetor

- May 26, 2018 -

How to adjust the mixing ratio of saw carburetor


Carburetor belongs to high precision adjustment oil supply in the chain saw parts, general factory factory has been adjusted, in general, can not be adjusted, otherwise will appear inadequate combustion engine chain saw, fuel consumption increase and easy to wear and tear of the saw blade the higher fault is generated.
To adjust the carburetor mixture is a skilled job, "he needs to watch carefully listen to the workings of the engine to do adjustment, can cooperate with idle speed adjustment, first turn idle (not stall as well), then slowly turn right or left of oil and gas mixed adjust gong (note that is slowly), until get maximum idle when is the best.
If the adjustment has no effect, remember to turn the gong into its original position.
In addition, it is recommended that the general users do not make adjustments and try to find the after-sales/factory operators to repair the saw.

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