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How To Adjust The Small Saw Carburetor

- May 25, 2018 -

How to adjust the small saw carburetor


Step 1: put the screw in position when the screw is out of order. Tighten the L and H keys clockwise and then return 1.5 turns each

Step 2: in idle state, adjust the L key to the highest point (the highest number of non-refueling door turns), and then return 1/8 laps

Step 3: the T key is set to the optimal state 2800-3200 RPM (the machine of the non-refueling door will not shut down and the chain will not follow)

Step 4: H needle is controlled at 9000-10000 RPM. The number of revolutions should not be too high.
The friend that does not have turn a meter should depend on feeling, it is throttle

Add to the maximum, sound like a shrill scream, high spin feeling, actually saw the tree is not strong.
I suggest you listen to the sound of the new saw, and you can find it by comparing it

I feel it.

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