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How To Determine The Fault Of The Mower Spark Plug And How To Maintain The Purity Of Oil

- Jul 07, 2018 -

How to determine the fault of the mower spark plug and how to maintain the purity of oil

Many people don't know what to do when the spark plug of the lawn mower breaks down. Some people will encounter the situation that the oil of the mower is not clean.
Today we're going to talk about it.

Failure and maintenance of spark plug

The fault of spark plug mainly occurs in the skirt and electrode. The following four cases are analyzed.

1, normal

Refers to the normal air-fuel is more appropriate, ignition advance Angle, spark plugs, calorific value, right right chamber combustion is normal, no hot ignition, also do not have leakage fire, under normal circumstances, the spark plug almost no carbon deposition and drying.
The electrode is basically non-ablative, light brown (rust color) or slightly light gray powder on the surface. It can be used as long as a small amount of deposition residue is wiped off during maintenance.

2. Accumulated carbon pollution damage

The accumulated carbon spark plug is dry and has a dull black carbon layer deposit. In severe cases, the carbon layer is like a capillary, and the accumulated carbon will lead to electric leakage and fire breaking.
The spark plug can be used when the gas is too strong, the spark plug has high calorific value, the ignition is weak or the electrode gap is too high.

3. Overheating and damage

The skirt was dry in white or light gray. In severe cases, there was loose uplift on the surface of the porcelain tube. The electrode was obviously ablated.
But gas is too thin, spark plug heat value is low or leak gas, ignition is too early or gasoline overheat, can cause overheat burn loss, it is better to renew.

4. Oil pollution damage

The machine oil is bright black, wet and greasy, too much machine oil in the mixed oil, oil leakage of crankshaft oil seal, low heat value of spark plug, long idle speed or low speed running time will lead to oil pollution.
It is difficult to remove without special cleaning liquid. The electrode barrier of spark plug is an important technical data.
Non-contact ignition is generally 0.6-0.7mm, with excessive clearance and poor high-speed performance of gasoline engine.
Too small, low speed performance is not good.


Why often change the oil can not maintain the purity of the oil?

Ordinary lawn machine running about 20 to 25 hours, you need to replace the oil, because of its high temperature oil viscosity, so change must be under the engine condition, can guarantee the oil replaced completely clean.
Appear afore-mentioned problems is generally not in the condition of heat engine replacement of used oil and not completely clean, even to refill the new oil, residual waste engine oil in the cylinder block has been polluted, so we have to oil change under the engine condition.

The above is the solution to the problem of the spark plug of the lawn mower and the way to keep the oil pure, I hope you can help.

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