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How To Install The Chainsaw Piston Ring With Common Sense? Why Is The Sawmill Cut?

- May 02, 2018 -

How to install the chainsaw piston ring with common sense?
Why is the sawmill cut?

How to install the chainsaw piston ring?

The piston top up, from the top down to install the second slot piston ring, gently slowly installed, careful not to break the piston ring.
Then install the first one, and pay attention to the position of the piston ring and the positioning pin on the piston.

The cylindrical metal parts that guide the piston to reciprocate in the cylinder.
In the engine cylinder, the working substance is converted into mechanical energy by expansion.
The gas is compressed by the piston in the compressor cylinder to increase the pressure.
The shell of a turbine or a rotary piston engine is usually called a "cylinder".

Why is the sawmill cut?

1. When sawing the tree, watch the tree's center of gravity to grasp the direction of the tree and cut the slices.

2, according to the different tree species, in order to prevent the splitting Ban trees to hang up.

3. The upper part of the saw blade is higher than that of the lower one, so as to prevent the root of the tree from stepping out.

4. The tree with too much inclination can only hang the opposite ear to prevent the tree from turning over.

When the bottom is heavy, saw the center point two thirds of the time, and then from the bottom up to the saw, or at the top of the saw to nail a wedge.


What is the working principle of the oil muffler?

The chainsaw is a portable saw powered by a gasoline engine, which produces a lot of noise inside the gasoline engine at run time, while the gasoline engine has the intake and exhaust port.
In addition to the air inlet and exhaust the body itself is a closed structure, most of the noise will exist in a closed space, of course, because the device itself material sound insulation sex limited reasons, some noise will directly through the device of the body, and the air inlet due to prevent backflow valve and the structure is designed, so the equipment within the noise is the main outlet, and the chain saw muffler, installed on the vent to use its structural characteristics.
It is mainly a resonant way to reduce the sound energy delivered by the vent.
The sound absorption principle is similar to the automobile exhaust muffler.

Is there a problem with the chainsaw?

If can repair, you big, use clean fuel, it is safer way, simple processing, is to pour the fuel into the cylinder for many times, can block the spark plug of the cylinder, pull the starter and repeat a few times more, can remove the clean ignition coil, if not have to be replaced.

How does the chainsaw brake?

In an emergency, the front rails of the handrail are pushed forward to the brake and back to normal.

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