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How To Use And Maintain A Chainsaw

- May 11, 2018 -

How to use and maintain a chainsaw


The use of a chainsaw:

1. always guarantee sawing chain lubrication

The lubrication of saw chain and guide plate is important to the use of the chainsaw. It is said that the sawing chain must be flung out of a small amount of lubricating oil all the time, not in the case of no lubrication in the chain. If the chain is dry, the cutting tool will soon be damaged and cannot be repaired. And the oil amount of the oil in the tank.

In order to make automatic and reliable lubrication of saws and guides, technicians recommend the use of high quality, low environmental pollution sawing and guide lubricants, such as good aging resistance, and fast biodegradable lubricants. If the aging resistance is low, the lubricating oil is easily resin, and it will form hard precipitates, especially in saw chain drive. The oil pump is stuck around the clutch and the sawing chain. In addition, the waste lubricating oil can not be used. The waste lubricating oil does not have the required lubricating ability, and the repeated contact with waste lubricating oil may lead to skin cancer, and the waste lubricating oil will also destroy the environment.

When the fuel is added each time, the sawing chain lubricant must be filled. It is necessary to ensure that there are still some remaining lubricating oils in the saw chain lubricating oil tank when the fuel is exhausted every time. If the oil volume in the lubricating tank is not reduced, it may be due to the blockage of the lubricating oil path. Business calls for help.

For new factory equipment, avoid unnecessary high load operation during the running in period, so do not carry out high speed empty turn before the first three cases are exhausted. Because the moving parts must be run in each other during the running in period, there is a large friction resistance in the short cylinder during this period. The engine reaches about 5 to 15 cases of oil. The maximum power. During the normal operation of the chainsaw, do not lower the blending ratio of the oil mixture so as to significantly increase the power. This may damage the engine.

2. often check the tension of the chain saw. Compared with the saw chain that has been used for a long time, the new saw chain needs to be tightened more frequently. In general, the saw chain is engaged at the lower side of the guide plate but still can be pulled along the guide plate at the lower side of the refrigerator. It indicates that the tightness is correct. After the working temperature is reached, the saw chain expands and starts to relax. The lower side of the guide plate is not allowed. The transmission chain comes out from the guide slot, otherwise the chain will fall off. The chain will be tightened again when necessary. When cooling, the chain will shrink. At this time, the chain will be loosed, otherwise the crankshaft and the bearing will be damaged.

3. saw the details of the use of the chainsaw

When the chainsaw is used, there are several operating details that require special attention of the user. First, when starting the chainsaw, don't pull the start rope to the end. Start with the hand gently pull up the start handle, until the stop position, and then push hard and push down the front handle at the same time. It may break it. In daily use, the user often does not pay attention to this detail. For a long time, the start rope is easily damaged. Also, do not let the start handle free back, and should slow it back into the casing so that the starting rope can be rolled up well.

Second, after the engine is running for a long time, the engine needs to be turned for a period of time so as to cool the air flow and release most of the heat in the engine. This avoids the thermal overload of the components installed on the engine (the ignition device, the carburetor).

Again, if the engine power drops obviously, it may be caused by the dirty air filter. Remove the carburetor box cover, remove the air filter, remove the dirt around the filter, separate the two parts of the filter, brush the filter with the palm of the hand, or blow the air out in the compressed air.

If the filter is stuck to the dirt, it is necessary to put the filter in a special cleaner or clean, clean, non flammable cleaning liquid (such as warm soapy water) to wash and dry. Do not use a brush to clean the wool filter.

When reinstalling the air filter, remember to check whether the throttle and spring position are correct.


Two maintenance of the chainsaw:

1. the maintenance of the saws is the weight of the sawing chain. The correct maintenance and sharpening saw chain can easily be sawed into the wood with little pressure. In daily maintenance, check whether there are cracks and broken rivets on the chain chain. Replace any damaged or worn parts on the saw chain, and then match the new parts with the same shape and size. Hard alloy saw chain is especially anti wear.

The sharpening of the 2. sawing chain is usually done by the service dealer. The sawing angle must be maintained when grinding. All the sawtooth angles must be the same. If the sawing is different, the sawing will not be smooth, and the wear is serious until the saw chain breaks. The length of all the sawteeth must be the same. If different, the tooth height will be different, which will also cause the saw chain. The rotation is not smooth and finally broken. After grinding, the saw chain should be cleaned thoroughly, clean and dust and lubricating saw chain attached to it. If the chain is not used for a long time, it is necessary to keep the chain in good lubrication.

3. for long storage chainsaw, the fuel tank should be emptied and cleaned in a well ventilated area. The engine is run all the time before the carburetor becomes dry to prevent the carburetor diaphragm from sticking together. Take down the saw chain and guide plate, clean it, and spray it with antirust oil. Thoroughly clean the machine, especially the cylinder cooling ribs and air filters. If the biological saw chain lubricants are used, the lubricating oil tank should be filled.

4. it is important to note that, even if the chainsaw is used and maintained as required, some parts of the power machine will also have normal wear and tear and must be replaced in time according to the type and use of the parts. These parts include saw chain, guide plate, transmission component (clutch, clutch drum, sprocket), filter, starting gear. Set, spark plug and parts of vibration damping system, etc.

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