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- Mar 29, 2018 -



In April, Libby artist Ron Adamson will travel to Muirkirk, Ontario for the eighth biennial Canadian Carv-a-Palooza, where he’ll teach a seminar on how to carve a human face using a chainsaw.

He’ll be among about two dozen other chainsaw artists from around the world who will participate in the event from April 25 to 29.

Unlike the chainsaw carving championship that took place in Libby last September and promises to be an annual event, Carv-a-Palooza is non-competitive.

“We have always and always will be concerned with the quality of the art and not the quantity,” said organizer Robbin Wenzoski via email.

Adamson became acquainted with Wenzoski while helping to organize the Libby event, asking the Canadian carver if he’d like to attend.

Wenzoski declined because “I am more into events about art rather than the competitions,” he wrote.

Yet Adamson “seemed a very likeable fellow,” and Wenzoski invited him to Carv-a-Palooza “after viewing his art and long history (of) creating a diversity of artwork.”

“Ron has amassed quite the portfolio over his career and continues to do this,” Wenzoski wrote. “So I thought he would be a fitting person to come, share, learn and have a great time experiencing our event, too.”

Adamson said his face-carving seminar will occur among others that might include saw-sharpening and how to glue parts onto carvings.

In addition to leading seminars, the chainsaw artists will engage in daily “speed carve” events and complete one to two pieces that will be auctioned off to the public on the last day.

Adamson said he hasn’t yet determined what he will carve.

“I have all kinds of ideas,” he said. “I haven’t narrowed it down to which one yet. A lot of it has to do with what does the piece of wood look like.”

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