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Master Of Small And Practical Garden With Homemade Tools Was Awarded Innovation And Energy Saving Award

- Jun 19, 2018 -

Master of small and practical garden with homemade tools was awarded "innovation and energy saving award"


Recently, the qingshan district garden LuHuaDui Laurence family port team produced with the three workers master of "clearing small rake", because its waste utilization, energy conservation, environmental protection, practical efficiency, within the areas widely promotion, the team has also been awarded title of "innovation and energy saving team".

The home-made gadgets like a magnifying itch scratched, a wooden block or holes in a piece on plastic pipes, insert the same wire length folded, fixed, small tools has been formed.
It is very light and fast for a master to pick up the rubbish deep in the hedge with a tool in his hand.

Self - made cleaning small rake nail

Participate in making cui-hong zheng teacher proud of say: "is engaged in the botanical garden afforestation environment cleaning cleaning all know, the lawn plaza empty Spaces of the litter in on the market to buy big broom or harrows, but for a narrow places such as hidden in the hedge or cleft of spam is powerless.
We used to stretch our arms and pick them up with our hands or with sticks. We spent a lot of time and effort.
Later, several of us worked out how to make a good harrow ourselves.
Work, we often pick up a lot of scrap iron wire, plastic, wood, we do so with these things a little gadget, fine, if extended his hand, like everyone."

It is understood that the workers of the qingshan green chemical team have not made their own tools for the first time, and in the past, they have also made such small tools as "spatula high-altitude shovel".
For this, the unit will give such groups and individuals the recognition, this time "clean the small nail harrow" the class group was evaluated as "innovation and energy conservation award", several teachers are very happy.
In the future, they told reporters, there will be more gadgets to make work easier and more efficient.


Quote from:http://sh.qihoo.com/

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