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Matters Needing Attention For The Work Of Gasoline Mower

- Aug 10, 2018 -

Matters needing attention for the work of gasoline mower

I. matters needing attention when working on the lawn mower

1. Be sure to read the operation and maintenance manual when you first use the corep mower.

2. When cutting grass, make sure to wear sturdy shoes and trousers. Do not operate the lawn mower with bare feet or open sandals.

3. Check whether the blade and engine mounting screw are tightened before starting up each time.

4. Check whether the engine needs to be refueled, but do not exceed the standard position, check whether the gasoline is adequate, do not refuel indoors when the engine is running or still at high temperature, fuel refueling must be carried out in the state of cold engine, and do not smoke when refueling.

5. Check the pruning area thoroughly before trimming. Remove tree branches, rocks, wires, wires and other debris.

6. Do not adjust the height of the wheels when the engine is running.
Be sure to stop until the blade is completely still and adjust its level.

The top speed of the engine is for tall, strong grass, and the bottom speed is for short, thin grass. Push the mower at the right speed.

8. When mowing grass on the slope, first of all, you should be familiar with the applicable slope of the mower. Do not mow grass on the slope with excessive slope.

9. Do not use machinery after taking medicine or drinking alcohol. Do not cut grass immediately after rain or watering to prevent slipping of personnel or mechanical work.

10. Don't load the machine in deep grass. Remember to remove rocks, branches and sundries when using the mower.

Attention to the work of gasoline mower and daily maintenance storage

XN4302.jpg11. Mark the sprinkler head and obstacles.

Excessive fatigue reduces concentration and can be a cause of accidents, with no more than 60 minutes of continuous work followed by 10 to 20 minutes of rest.

13. When cutting the grass with the cutting head, the length of the rope should be controlled within 15CM. When using the blade, the balance of the blade should be ensured (or there will be violent vibration).

14. When the gasoline engine is started, the starting handle can automatically recover the starting disk with the help of the rebound starter. The starting wheel is not allowed to be pulled again when the engine is working.

Be sure to use an air filter when gasoline engine is running.

16. Compared with the blades, the grass rope used for cutting grass has higher safety, but for shrubs with good toughness, the blades with two teeth, three teeth and four teeth should be used accordingly.
For larger, coarser shrubs, use blades with more teeth to prevent damage to the machine.

Special emphasis: when working on the mower, no one is allowed within 10 meters, especially not on the head of the work.
When adjusting the blade and replacing the rope, it must be stopped. Never adjust the blade to change the rope during mechanical operation.
It is forbidden to work on the ground in the process of searching for grass. It can be properly tilted by the machine and touched by the straw rope.

17. Cooling cooling: the lawn mower is a separate air cooled engine with no cooling fuel tank, which generates a large amount of heat. When working continuously, it usually works for 40-60 minutes and then stops for rest.

18. The machine should not be overspeed. It should be stopped at low speed except in case of emergency.

When the machine needs to stop working, it should first cut off the load to run the engine for 1-2 minutes under no-load conditions, turn off the fuel switch, set the ignition switch in the "off" position, and terminate the gasoline engine.
No load shutdown is allowed, otherwise it will cause heat concentration and damage the gasoline engine.
Do not touch the parts of the engine and muffler with your hand to prevent burns when the engine is not cooling down soon.
The heat engine cannot be packed into the box immediately. It must be completely cooled and stored to prevent the waste heat from becoming a fire.
No stopping of the damper is allowed;
Avoid too much oil, which makes it difficult to start up again, or residual oil accumulation, scale and glue blocking oil road.


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