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Mower Two Stroke Or Four Stroke? Common Failure And Elimination Of Lawn Mower.

- Apr 29, 2018 -

Mower two stroke or four stroke?
Common failure and elimination of lawn mower


Mower not only can be used in landscaping, but also plays an important role in agricultural production.
It has realized agricultural mechanization, improved working efficiency and improved agricultural productivity, which is very important for a large agricultural country like ours.
With the rapid development of agricultural and forestry mechanization in China, the research of new mower is developing towards high speed, stable and energy saving.
Today we are going to talk about the two strokes of the mower or the four stroke?
Common failure and elimination of lawn mower.
Your garden friends will be able to use and maintain the lawn mower when used for reference.

Mower two stroke or four stroke?

Every coin has two sides.
There is no absolute, it is relative, specific still depends on which aspect you prefer, specific or want.

Consumers make their own choices.

The four-stroke internal combustion engine is smooth and economical, but the structure is complex and the price is large. The compact price of two-stroke internal combustion mechanism is lower than the four-stroke price, if not.

It is often and not long used, and the two-stroke internal combustion engine is suitable.

Relatively speaking, the four-stroke consumption of low oil consumption, small noise, small vibration, environmental protection, a separate machine fuel tank burning pure gasoline is more convenient.
But the same

The power of the four stroke of the machine is much smaller than that of the second stroke. In this case, the four stroke shows the insufficient horsepower.

Small two-stroke lawn mower is more practical and inexpensive.

If the grass is thick, choose a second stroke. If the grass is soft, choose four strokes.
The second stroke is full of horsepower.
High power.

The second stroke is about 1.7 times the power of four strokes and is more efficient.
The second stroke is larger than the four stroke power, the explosive force is strong, the speed is smooth, the maintenance is simple.

Single, and now the two stroke mower quality has been very stable, the power is big, the problem is few, the maintenance is simple.
At the same time, the price is low and the profit is thin.

As a result, many businesses recommend four strokes to make more money, rather than products that are more suitable for consumers.

Mower two stroke or four stroke?
Common failure and elimination of lawn mower.

Common failure and elimination of lawn mower.

1. The engine cannot quench the fire.

(1) improper installation position of the oil door line on the engine, the method of elimination: reinstall the oil gate line;

(2) oil gate line fracture, elimination method: replace the new oil line;

(3) the throttle activity is not sensitive, and the method is eliminated: inject a small amount of oil into the throttle position;

(4) the quenching line cannot be touched, and the method of elimination is checked or replaced.

2. The cause of engine running is not stable.

(1) the throttle is in the maximum position, the damper is in the open state, the spark plug line is loose, the elimination method: the throttle switch is lowered, and the exterior line of the spark plug is pressed;

(2) water and dirt entering the fuel system, excluding methods: clean the tank and rejoin the clean fuel;

(3) the air filter is too dirty to be removed: clean the air filter or replace the filter element;

(4) improper adjustment of carburetor, elimination method: reconditioning carburetor;

(5) loosen the engine fixing screw and remove the method: check the engine fixing screw after quenching;

(6) engine crankshaft bending, elimination method: calibration of crankshaft or replacement of new axle.

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