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Mowers Common Problems And Solutions

- Nov 23, 2017 -

First, lawn mowing grass collection effect is not good

Grass mowing caused by poor results may have the following types: grass bag used for too long, unclean, not ventilated; grass mouth often not clean up, the plot of grass to block the drainage mouth; blade Excessive wear and tear; engine wear and tear, large power loss, thereby reducing the blade rotation speed will lead to poor grass collection. For the above reasons, as long as the timely clearance set grass bag, drainage mouth or replace the engine blade can be.

Second, the mower mowing powerless

In this case you will need to remove the air cleaner to clean it and if you do not have it, you need to replace it. You can also check the blade is not sharp, if the blade is relatively blunt must be polished before use. Also look at the blades of grass is not very long, very dense, if so, it is necessary to increase the size of the grass to ease the load on the engine.

Third, the engine is difficult to start

Engine start-up difficulties is a more complex issue, oil, gas, electricity is an essential condition for engine work, so to find out the reasons from these three aspects: spark plug spark discharge is not good may be a reason that this situation needs to be adjusted Spark plug gap or replace the new spark plug; timing gear and magneto ignition timing caused by inaccurate, it is necessary to re-adjust the engine; the use of non-compliant gasoline or gasoline deterioration, impure, is also caused by the start-up difficulties , At this time must change the gasoline; Another kind may be due to air filter blockage caused by intake difficulties, which need to be cleaned or replaced by air filter to solve.

Fourth, lawn mower start and use an unusual sound

The reason for this is because the bolt in the middle of the blade is not tightened. If this is the case, you should unscrew the bolt, take a knife to see if there is any damage, then re-install it, and then tighten the bolt.

Fifth, the lawn mower blade is not sharp when mowing

If the lawn looks particularly messy after pruning, the majority of this is due to blunt blades. Blunt blades have a very damaging effect on the lawn, and the torn blades are much more traumatic than the blades cut neatly, and the ripped leaves are very easy to get in. Therefore, The lawn will turn white and gray after the knife is cut off and the grass will turn into a yellowish color in a matter of days. If it is not processed in time, a lot of grass will die. Therefore, the blade needs about 10 days to mill 1 times, the hob blade can be rubbed once every three months. If the blade of grass texture is more tough, then the sharpening cycle will have to shorten some.

Six, lawn mower in the work of severe vibration or trembling

In the event of a violent vibration, the cause may be as follows: The blade is bent or worn, the crankshaft is bent due to impact, the screw used to fix the engine loosens, and the engine base is damaged. Mowing can cause shivering machine for the following reasons: Lawn mower hit the stones, roots and other foreign matter during use, will cause the blade curl, deformation, causing the lawn mower to shake; after the blade is finished, the blade becomes top-heavy This may cause the lawn mower to shudder, so the blade should be ground to the right and left for reuse; a mower with a knife-type cutter will cause damage if one of the moulders is jammed on the cutterhead or the weights of the two blades are different Grass shiver, in the face of this situation will be timely replacement of the blade.

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