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New Hedge Trimmers Help Daily Maintenance

- May 09, 2018 -

New hedge trimmers help daily maintenance


News of this newspaper (reporter zhang liming, reporter qiu yongqin) reporter recently learned from jinhua highway administration brigade, a new type of green hedge trimmer appeared in yongjin highway.

The vehicular hedge trimmer is a research and development of the highway users against a multi-purpose products, base can be 360 ° rotation, can be three simultaneous telescopic arm clip, can not only for the central points bring hedge for flat cut, cut, but also on the slope tall trees and shrubs weeds were cut off, and with powerful, strong mobility, high efficiency, high reliability, etc.

This new type of green hedge trimmer has solved the difficult maintenance difficulties that the yongjin highway used to rely on old equipment and manpower.
Not only the efficiency of the work has been increased, but also a large number of highway sealing time has been shortened to ensure the smooth highway.

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