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Notes For Starting Of Gasoline Brush Cutter (mower)

- Jul 20, 2018 -

Notes for starting of gasoline brush cutter (mower)

-- make sure there are no children or anyone else within 15 meters (50 feet) of the working area, and be aware that there are no animals near the working area.

-- before using the mower, it is important to check the operation safety of the mower: check the safety of the cutter, the operation fluency of the joystick, and whether the function of the joystick lock is normal.

-- tool rotation is not allowed during idling.
If in doubt, please consult the dealer about the adjustment.
Check whether the handle is clean and dry and test the kinetic energy of the start/stop switch.

-- only start the gasoline mower (mower) according to the instructions, and do not use any other means to start the engine.

-- only gasoline mower and cutter can be used for the specified purposes.

-- the engine of the gasoline mower (mower) can only be started after the complete machine assembly is completed.
Operate the unit only after installing all appropriate parts.

Before starting, make sure the tool does not touch hard objects, such as branches, stones, etc., because the tool will rotate when started.

If there is any engine problem, the engine should be shut down immediately.

If the tool encounters a rock or other hard problem, immediately shut down the engine and check the tool.

-- regularly check whether the tool is damaged (check whether there are fine lines by tapping).

-- only after the shoulder strap is adjusted before the operation of gasoline mower (irrigation mower) on the back, can the operation of gasoline mower (irrigation mower) be carried out.
Shoulder straps must be adjusted according to the user's body size to prevent fatigue during use.
Do not hold the cutter in one hand while using it.


-- during the operation, you should hold the gasoline mower (irrigation mower) with both hands throughout the whole process and always stand on your feet.

-- when operating the gasoline mower (cutting and irrigation machine), avoid inhaling and discharging the gas.
Do not operate the engine in a closed space (carbon monoxide smells tasteless and is at risk of gas poisoning).

-- during rest and when no one is looking after the gasoline mower (mower), please turn off the engine and put it in a safe position to avoid endangering others or damaging the mower.

-- do not put the hot gasoline mower (mower) on the dry glass or any combustible material.

-- the tool must be properly protected from operating the cutting tool without a protective device.

-- during operation, all protective facilities and protective devices attached to the gasoline mower (irrigation mower) must be used.

-- do not operate the engine when the exhaust muffler fails.

Please turn off the engine during transportation.

-- during long distance transportation, the tool protection provided by this equipment must always be used.

-- in the process of automobile transportation, ensure the safe and reliable position of gasoline mower (mower) and avoid fuel leakage.

-- when transporting gasoline mower (mower), make sure the fuel tank is completely empty.

Do not let the engine fall off the ground when unloading the gasoline mower (mower) from the truck, otherwise it may seriously damage the fuel tank.

-- do not drop or throw the gasoline mower (the mower) to the ground except in case of emergency, otherwise it may seriously damage the gasoline mower (the mower).

-- remember: when moving the device, lift the entire device from the ground.
Dragging the fuel tank is extremely dangerous, causing damage to the tank and leaking fuel, which may lead to fire.

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