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Professional Chainsaw Helps Zhuhai To Clean The Road

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Professional chainsaw helps Zhuhai to "do what I can"

In the aftermath of the typhoon, the affected cities have been fighting for the city's disaster recovery efforts.On August 24, enping LiangYao in circle of friends saw an "August 25th, zhuhai 9:30 outdoor public welfare association disaster relief volunteer service activity called" love notice, learned that after the typhoon, Zhuhai hard-hit lodging roads of the city tunnel in south area, there are many trees, blocking roads is also the most serious.Zhuhai outdoor network, outdoor charity association has launched an online initiative to encourage netizens to participate in the anti-wind disaster recovery operation in zhuhai.

On August 25th, zhuhai LiangYao go alone, he recalls: "if you are on the ground, you will know what is the disaster, the road was full of the tree of lodging, quite a few car parked on the side of the road to suffer be trees to the deformation, the most Windows were smashed on the surrounding buildings, scene is a mess."

LiangYao departing also bought 3 professional chain saw for logging to support, as well as his positive corresponding assembled from the pearl river delta region of more than 20 outdoor net friends, as well as zhuhai outdoor net friends together to carry out the clear roadblocks and so on related work, the team the whole volunteer organization reached more than 200 people.Since LiangYao has engaged in logging work for many years, have certain experience, therefore in the disaster relief team is mainly responsible for lodging in front will trees sawing, convenient cleaning up barricades and handling of branches, partner of counterpart rear troops responsible for clean up obstacles loading, improve the efficiency of repair."We were mainly involved in the clearing of the road about 3 km of kyushu road on August 27, and kyushu avenue is now basically through."LiangYao said.

Liangyao said that the weather in zhuhai was hot and humid these days, but everyone was racing against the clock to speed up the relief effort and clear the road as soon as possible, which is expected to be completed tomorrow.The local government agency offered lodging to volunteers who had come to help with the disaster, but liangyao refused."I found my first job in zhuhai, and I have feelings for the city.This time in zhuhai to participate in the volunteer is just want to do one's own strength, do not want to consume the government's resources, personal accommodation problem I myself solve."LiangYao said.Now, he says, the parts of the chainsaw are broken, and they are shipped out of npinto.Liangyao said to help the disaster areas to help disaster relief.

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