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Showbull Garden Morning Post

- Jun 07, 2018 -

Showbull garden morning post, Thursday, June 7, April 24
1. The first batch of post-2000 college entrance examination: 9.75 million people signed up, a new eight-year high.
2. The central anti-corruption coordination group released the clues of 50 fugitives.
3. The welcome ceremony of the state visit and the reform of the women's army were unveiled.
4. The us military B52 overflew the nansha waters.
5. The advertisement is now "qiu shaoyun's joke of being burnt down". Today's headline: the person in charge has been suspended.
6. The lancet: China ranks 48th in the world in medical quality, jumping 12 places in a year.
7. The European commission approved retaliatory tariffs on American goods, which came into effect in early July.
The Ukrainian military says it has shot down a Russian drone.
9. Poverty has limited my imagination to sell the most expensive parking space in Hong Kong for hk $6 million.
10. The highest law issued a draft for solicitation on June 6, in which a credit card has paid the minimum amount of repayment, and the interest rate shall be calculated according to the remaining amount.
11, directly recruit officers work 5, 2018 officially launched, start-stop time signing up for June 5 solstice on July 10, can log on to the national recruitment network query and return (https://www.gfbzb.gov.cn/).
12. Forbes 2018 sports revenue list: messi is the fifth highest ranked player in the world by Ronnie
If nothing had happened, it would have been the best revenge.
Life is better for yourself.


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