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Showbull Garden Morning Post June 1-Happy Children's Day

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Showbull garden morning post June 1-Happy Children's Day , Friday April 18
1. The ministry of defense confirmed that China has built a new dock at the djibouti base, which can dock with Chinese navy destroyers and large supply ships
2. China has launched a six-month inspection of natural protection land, focusing on illegal land expropriation.
3. Who: China has surpassed the United States in life expectancy per capita for the first time.
4. Cainiao officially launched the first global 72-hour logistics hub, which will be built in 5 major cities of the world: hangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow
5. China's liaoning fleet initially formed a system of combat capability.
The United States announced tariffs on Canada, Mexico and the European Union for steel and aluminum
Syrian President bashar al-assad: the United States and Russia were close to a conflict in Syria
Russia's black sea fleet escorts the World Cup: strength against ships and aircraft
9. The us department of justice approved bayer's acquisition of monsanto, and three giants of the global agricultural industry are vying for supremacy.
10. Passengers who have registered online have complained, and the estimated trip price of 38 yuan is 128 yuan.
Shanghai's consumer protection commission said it had met with didi to ask the company to sort out and correct other possible cases of multiple charges.
11. From today, mainland commercial vehicles can apply to enter and leave Hong Kong at the port of the Hong Kong - Macao bridge.
12. Weight!
Zinedine zidane has announced that he will not coach real Madrid for 878 days, bringing three champions league trophies.
The porridge in the morning is better than the wine in the night, and the one who deceives you is better than the one who loves you.


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