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Showbull Garden Morning Post June 5 Wednesday April 23 Miscanthus Seeds

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Showbull garden morning post June 5 Wednesday April 23 miscanthus seeds
1. Today, high temperatures continue in north China, yellow and huaihe areas.
At the same time, the south has a lot of rain, guangdong, guangxi, hainan and other places have heavy rain.
Special envoy of President xi jinping and vice premier sun chunlan of the state council will attend the opening ceremony of the 21st World Cup football match in Russia on December 15, 2006.
3. Seven departments, including the ministry of transportation and communications, shall issue notices. If an online car-hailing enterprise refuses to correct its violation of laws and regulations after the negotiation, it shall be punished with the application procedures for dismounting.
On April 5, Chinese coast guard vessels 2306, 2502, 2102 and 31240 cruised in the territorial waters of the diaoyu islands.
6. The world's first long-acting AIDS drug, aikonin, has been approved for sale. The drug is independently developed by Chinese enterprises and has global original intellectual property rights.
The White House says the summit will be held on June 12 at 9 a.m. local time in Singapore.
8. Some netizens have questioned the legitimacy of the "family name clan organization", and the ministry of civil affairs has responded that no similar organization has been registered, and relevant organizations that are true to the public report will be investigated and punished according to law.
At 1610 hours yesterday, an explosion at the sishanling iron mine in benxi, liaoning province, killed 11 people and wounded nine others.
25 people are trapped underground and some have been contacted.
10. Shenzhen will solicit opinions on the new housing policy, and it is proposed to stipulate that by 2035, about 60% of the housing supply will be policy-supported housing.
11. The ministry of education announced the report phone number of 2018 college entrance examination. Upon receipt of the report, the report will be checked and dealt with as soon as possible.
12. Affected by the typhoon, the sale of 5-solstice bullet train tickets for hainan round-island high-speed railway group will be suspended.
BMW, porsche and Volvo will recall 12,274 cars this month that are at risk, according to the general administration of customs.
You see the results of others, but you don't see them fall and get up again and again.
After all, the gifted are a minority, and what is more remarkable than the effortless success is those who know little and never give up.
Good morning, new day!


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