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Showbull Garden Morning Post May 29

- May 29, 2018 -

Showbull garden morning post May 29 Tuesday April 15
1. The presidents of the kyrgyz republic, the republic of kazakhstan, the Russian federation and the islamic republic of Iran will visit China.
2. The power supply of sansha yongxing island is stable!
Stability is comparable to that of cities.
3. Domestic animation goes to the world!
"The bear is out" is popular in over 100 countries and is most popular with Turkish audiences.
4. Us media: the Chinese airborne division has changed to a more efficient brigade or to take Taiwan back as its duty.
5. WeChat upgraded the external link content management standard today. It is not allowed to publish and disseminate special identification codes and password information with recognition and marking functions in the friend circle.
6. Taiwan media reported that the PLA was preparing to test missiles when the h-6 first circled Taiwan at night.
7. The Chinese academy of engineering has a total of 872 foreign academicians of 65.
8. The Hong Kong monetary authority (hksarg) launched a 24-hour rapid payment system in September.
9. Zhejiang jinhua police arrested 54 suspects and detained 48 people for more than 20 million yuan in foreign exchange fraud.
10. The China earthquake network has officially determined that at 1:50 PM on January 28, a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit songyuan city, jilin province. No casualties have been reported.
11. Beijing issued a notice yesterday to clarify that no residential units can be split up and sold, and that the number of flats in planning approval and real estate registration is no longer clear.
US President Donald trump said Wednesday that the us team had arrived in the DPRK to prepare for the meeting of us and DPRK leaders.
13. Domestic football: it is reported that Evergrande went to Hong Kong to win the transfer fee of nagoran over 50 million euros.
In this world, we are doomed to be wronged.
And the more successful a person is, the more wronged he suffers.


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