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Showbull Garden Morning Post, Monday

- Jun 04, 2018 -

Showbull garden morning post, Monday, June 4, April 21
1. China-us economic and trade consultation China states that the previous results of sanctions imposed by the us are invalid.
2. Hainan has decided to establish the haikou jiangdong new district and build it into a centralized demonstration area of hainan free trade zone.
3. China will start the whole process of unmanned agricultural machinery operation and gradually establish unmanned farms.
4. Us media: the ban on "foreign garbage" in China has left the us with no alternative market for street waste.
5. The defense department of burkina faso and Taiwan has confirmed that the original donated arms will be shipped back to Taiwan in the middle of June.
There are fossils on the surface of Mars?
Mars lives or hides in iron-rich rocks.
7. Hong Kong media: the Chinese Marine corps has significantly expanded the construction of the amphibious ship 075.
A small minibus carrying six people in a nuclear power plant in jilin province has been stuffed into 20 people on the highway.
9. A xi 'an guy named cao and others recorded video while driving to attract netizens' attention and put their bodies out of the car.
Police have intervened.
10, to reflect on the film and television professionals online to sign the "contract of Yin and Yang" of tax-related issues, the state administration of taxation instruct jiangsu tax authorities in accordance with the law to carry out investigation to verify, if discover violation behavior will be treated as strictly.
11. The state administration of Internet and information technology and other departments of the People's Republic of China, including the state administration of Internet and information technology, met with the person in charge of "meipai" on January 1 for spreading vulgar and harmful information about minors, and ordered a comprehensive rectification.
12. Today and tomorrow, the southwest, jiangnan, south China and other places have moderate to heavy rain, local or heavy rain.
5-7, the central and southern north China, north huanghuai will appear 35 to 38 ℃ and 40 ℃ local high temperature weather.
Things cannot be put off, words cannot be spoken, and men cannot do them.
Don't ask, don't think, don't say anything that doesn't concern you.


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