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Spring, Why Not Create A Exclusive Back Garden

- Nov 24, 2017 -


What is a hedge trimmer?

The hedge trimmer mainly comprises a gasoline engine, a transmission mechanism, a handle, a switch, a blade mechanism and the like. The power of the gasoline engine is driven by the transmission mechanism to work the blade mechanism. The main handle is located at the rear of the machine. , Characterized in that the main handle is connected with the main body of the machine through the telescopic rod and is connected with the main handle and the telescopic rod or the telescopic rod and the main body of the machine are connected by a rotating mechanism, Both sides of the machine also include a pair of side handles. The two side handles are also connected by a telescopic rod and are mounted on the machine through the telescopic mechanism. When the machine is connected with the machine through a rotating mechanism, the operator can select the handle according to the needs and usage habits Grip mode, rotation angle and telescopic length, simple operation, convenient, high efficiency, at the same time smaller package size.

Hedgerow machine uses:

Hedge trimmer has good durability, can be used as a professional commercial pruning, suitable for tea pruning, parks, gardens, roadside hedges and other landscaping professional pruning.

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