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Starting Of Gasoline Brush Cutter (mower)

- Jul 21, 2018 -

Starting of gasoline brush cutter (mower)


As an important tool in agricultural production, mower has the most direct impact on crop yield. Its invention is a great progress of human civilization.
The use of gasoline mower is more and more common, so what should we do if there is a problem in the process of starting?
What are some of the questions you should be aware of?

There are several reasons why the mower engine is difficult to start. What are the corresponding measures?

The difficulty of starting the engine is a complicated problem, which should be considered from three aspects: oil, gas and electricity, because these conditions are essential for the engine.

First of all, the poor spark discharge effect of spark plug is a reason, which requires adjustment of spark plug gap or replacement of new spark plug.
Secondly, the firing vector caused by the normal gear and magnetic motor is not accurate, which requires the removal of the engine for readjustment.
Third, use the gasoline that does not accord with the specification or gasoline is bad, impure, must change gasoline at this time;
Another possibility is that the blockage of the filter causes difficulty in air intake, requiring timely cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

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