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The 11th China (zhengzhou) International Garden Expo Closed Yesterday And Anyang Garden Won 5 Awards

- Jun 28, 2018 -

The 11th China (zhengzhou) international garden expo closed yesterday and anyang garden won 5 awards


On the morning of May 31, the 11th China (zhengzhou) international garden expo was successfully concluded in zhengzhou.
After the 11th garden expo organizing committee of the layers of screening and expert evaluation, the city bureau of parks and woods represent our city with changes for the design of the construction of the cultural elements of anyang awarded a gold medal at a comprehensive and innovation excellence award, excellent design, high quality engineering, architectural sketch recognition award five awards.
Compared with the previous one, our city has received a new innovation award in this garden expo, and the amount and weight of the award are among the highest among the participating prefecture-level cities.

The China international garden expo, which is held every two years, is the highest level and largest international event in China's landscaping industry.


The garden expo consists of housing and urban-rural development, henan province people's government hosted, to "lead the green development, inheriting Chinese civilization" as the theme, covers an area of 119 hectares, 94 ZhanYuan showcase the art of landscape architecture design at home and abroad.

Anyang city as a national garden city, has successively three times were invited to attend the 3 sessions held in jinan, chongqing, zhengzhou garden expo, for each session are distinct themes, landscape effect is good, by the consistent high praise, and won the high honor.
The next China international garden expo will be held in nanning, guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

In this exhibition, anyang garden is located in the urban exhibition park of henan province in the northwest of the garden expo park, covering an area of 2140 square meters and adjacent to the entrance square of the garden expo.

As the birthplace of the yi jing culture, anyang combines the image of the bones of zhou yi and Yin shang into it, which is of great cultural characteristics.
ZhanYuan design will crack and gossip of curvature of the graphic combination constitutes a basic skeleton, the central half water half rigid pavement form taiji pool, pointing to the 8 represents the direction of channel 8 toddler, designed the plunge in canal, eventually flow into the center of tai chi in the pool.

Eight small gardens are enclosed by a low wall and the barrier of eight canals in the periphery of the exhibition garden. Yarrow is planted in the garden. It is said that yarrow is the main tool for king wen to promote gossip.
A footpath rising gradually to the top of the main entrance and descending gradually to the exit reflects the connotation of zhouyi cycle and provides abundant space changes for the exhibition garden.
The park also fully considers the integration of local culture and contemporary ecological civilization, and makes corresponding treatment for rainwater collection and management.


Yesterday morning, feng xuejun, director of the municipal bureau of horticulture and forestry, on behalf of our city, went to zhengzhou to attend the closing ceremony of the 11th China (zhengzhou) international garden expo.
He said happily: "anyang garden can honor 5 awards, there are many people behind the unremitting efforts.
Anyang municipal party committee and municipal government attach great importance to our city's landscaping work, which gives us strong motivation and support.
In order to better display the beauty of garden art, anyang culture, the city bureau of parks and woods high quality to do a good job of various preparation and participation, from the early stage of the investigation and study, the location of the material collected from planning to design and construction, eight months, trying to anyang garden into a garden art high-quality goods project.
In the future, we will be more committed to innovation, excellence, for our national garden city image added "new clothes"!

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