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The More Oil In The Chain Saw, The Better?

- May 20, 2018 -

The more oil in the chain saw, the better?

No, the more oil, the better.
If the chain saw too much oil, it will cause the combustion abnormal, not complete, easy to cause the chain saw to start up, the internal accumulation of the power accumulation fast, the appropriate proportional power to the normal and efficient combustion.
Chain saw, there are two tank is a fuel tank, a machine fuel tank (lubrication plate chain), fuel tank filling oil is a mixture of gasoline and oil, with domestic oil is according to the ratio of 25:1, imported oil is 50:1.
You can choose to buy the Showbull saws, we are equipped with a special fuel oil dispenser, you can only do the matching according to the requirements.


How to repair the chain of the chain saws?

If the chain of the chainsaw is easy to loosen and tighten, it will be loose for a while, or the chain feels like it won't get into the tree, which is because the chain has been used for a long time to be lengthened and replaced with a new chain.

Today I mainly analyzed the inspection and maintenance of the chain saw, the chain saw did not catch fire and chain saw to add oil and so on, so you have learned?
If the problems encountered in the process of the chain saw to use or not or other chain saw maintenance problems can be consulting us, our friend in Shanghai billiton industrial co., LTD. Have professional after-sales personnel to solve various problems for everyone.

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