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The Second (qinhuangdao) Garden Expo Will Open On The Afternoon Of July 16

- Jun 29, 2018 -

The second (qinhuangdao) garden expo will open on the afternoon of July 16

Hebei news network (reporter zhang hui) from hebei province second (qinhuangdao) garden expo preparation and construction headquarters, this garden expo will open on the afternoon of July 16.
The theme of the garden expo is "green dream of shanhai port city". The garden is located at the eastern foot of qiyun mountain, qinhuangdao economic and technological development zone.
Today from the morning had less than 20 days, on June 27, reporters came to the qinhuangdao city ZhanYuan as host, marveling at the modern elements and qinhuangdao unique natural, historical and cultural perfect combination.


As the 2nd garden fair hosts ZhanYuan in hebei province, qinhuangdao park is located in the zone core area, exhibition area including garden, haigang district, qinhuangdao main FuNing, qinglong manchu autonomous regions, shanhaiguan, rulon, changli, economic and technological development district, beidaihe garden, beidaihe, nine counties such as ZhanYuan.

Park set up between the mountains and the main lake, on a shaft and the square, mountain, waterfront public Spaces and ZhanYuan closer integration, composition and structure of qinhuangdao natural photograph echo of landscape structure, a shaft and, together with all her heart, a heart, the area has been formed, the concept of a line.
One heart, namely qinhuangdao garden as the core of regional culture;
The first district, namely, breaks the boundary, unifies the base, each district county garden forms the cultural display big garden together;
The first line, that is, the unified elements of the mountain and sea line, series nine gardens.


Qinhuangdao has a long and seaport culture, great culture, and the beautiful natural scenery, the designer will be the three representative characteristic extraction, together constitute the theme of "day open sea yue, the pearl of the bohai sea" qinhuangdao ZhanYuan Lord.
The park is divided into three areas: the pearl of the harbor city, the qinhuangshan sea and the panoramic coast.
By extracting the elements of the qin Great Wall and stone carvings, the pearl district of Hong Kong city reflects the profound cultural heritage of qinhuangdao.
The qinhuangshan sea area integrates great man's poetry with the natural scenery of mountains and seas, reflecting the scene of prosperity of qinhuangdao.
Panoramic coastal areas to simulate the sea with the sea of flowers, birds, fish species dotted in it, all show coastal vitality.


"Qinhuangdao garden relatively more modern elements, displays the overall trend of the development of qinhuangdao, after the opening, also hope to make tourists feel vigorous upward, qinhuangdao thriving style, at the same time understand qinhuangdao features of culture."
According to qinhuangdao garden Zhu Weilong, director of technology introduction, the main body of qinhuangdao ZhanYuan construction has been basically completed, large area of afforestation has been completed, the late for some of the cleaning, repair and other work, is expected to all commissioning before July 5.


Royal style of architecture, arched, courtyard, is the symbol of the chengde style already, however, in the park expo garden, chengde garden style can be more than that, ZhanYuan fortress scenery the natural base as the background, focusing on autumn Xian festival humanity, features a palace culture historical origin, the palace will fall hunt route culture, mulan paddock, unique natural scenery, han full three festival celebration into ZhanYuan family live in harmony.

Chengde, from the autumn Xian, the chengde ZhanYuan theme of "autumn Xian mulan", ZhanYuan covers an area of 7250 square meters.
Park is composed of the guanzhong jiayuan area and fortress scenery areas highlighted the guanzhong jre xanadu atmosphere, with eight banners culture, chengde long palace culture, LuYing GongSheng faint with Yu Xijian and golden flowers, custom area is pithy chengde natural scenery, of a series of mulan autumn Xian process logic for exhibition, the guanzhong jiayuan, fortress amorous feelings in series with the area to hunt after the festival celebration scene to orgasm, provide incremental to tourists sightseeing, viewing experience.


Chengde, head of the kindergarten at Ren Yuntao guided journalists in the area around a circle, the order is taken mulan autumn Xian process from start to celebrate, introduce to the reporter Ren Yuntao walk while park set, design, plant, culture and other aspects of knowledge, and in this process, the reporter also found that the chengde garden everywhere reflects the "fine" : building and the courtyard layout is compact, ground, wall reliefs, refined mutual echo of the eight banners culture, carefully polished blue bricks, birch and Mongolian oak build dam scenery, big ger, colorful aobao...

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