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Trees Fell On The Tracks After The Storm, And Police Stripped And Waved Off The Speeding Train

- Jun 30, 2018 -

Trees fell on the tracks after the storm, and police stripped and waved off the speeding train

At about 2 p.m. Saturday, after a rainstorm hit the north of sihong, a number of trees collapsed, some on the tracks.
The police in the process of cleaning, a train hurtling from a distance, in order to train driver signalled that off a civilian police uniforms, kept waving, more and more close to the train at last, the train horns to slow down, after the glide through the first obstacle to a halt.
Many passengers in the carriage gave the police outside a thumbs up.

"Comrade police, the big tree here fell down on the road
And here we are, badly hit, asking for help
At noon on June 28, the guiren police station of sihong county public security bureau received several calls.
Affected by heavy rains wind hazards, especially in northern part of sihong affected more severely, 10 minutes from the afternoon 1:30, police station received consecutive mass disaster alarm since December for help.
Police station civil police immediately out of danger situation.


In these 12 alarm calls, the police analysis, jiang feng village direction of the emergency situation is very urgent.
So instructor pan pan and civilian police Chen mingshu and two auxiliary police members immediately went.
"After 2 o 'clock ginger Feng Village site, saw the tree has fallen on the road, railway bridge but we have no tool, then quickly contact the village, the village organization of professional tools such as chain saw villagers and our common emergency."
Chen Mingshu said, together with the masses of rescue and at the same time, got another surprising news, there are some trees fell to the track, and the path of the link is K1144 SuHuai railway train, at 2 PM on time every day is a passenger train by luoyang to nantong.

Chen Mingshu said, out of danger, and the auxiliary police police police players use the ladder together on railway, was found north of railway bridge, 200 meters with a pile of trunk lodging on railroad tracks, railway bridge south faintly visible with the crowd in the exclusion of another danger.
The police immediately rushed to the north side of the danger to try to remove the obstacles, it was 2:14 PM.

The snag was that the two trees were pressed against the railway, and there were about thirty trunks, of which the thick branches were nearly twenty centimeters in diameter.
The four men cleared the tree together. After clearing two thirds of the tree trunk, zhao sai, a member of the team, found a light far north.
More than ten seconds later, it was clear that the train was coming at a high speed and showed no signs of slowing down.


How to do?
On one side are the emergency crowd and on the other the passengers on the train
"Everyone was very anxious at the time," Chen said. "the police on the scene had not finished clearing the barriers, and there were people on the south side of the obstacles being removed.

"The train must be slowed down!
Just then, pan quickly stood in the middle of the tracks on the north side of the barrier and waved the train to stop.
The train did not slow down because of poor visibility.

To attract the attention of the train driver, Chen immediately took off his police uniform and ran to the middle of the tracks waving his uniform.
The train finally sounded its siren and slowed down. In the few seconds before the train was approaching, Chen mingshu and pan pan jumped off the tracks.

Due to inertia, Chen said, the train stopped after skidding through the first obstacle.
"It's all right!
It's all right!
When the train stopped smoothly, pan and Chen took a long breath.
Later, the police cooperate with the road protection personnel to inform the train to pass safely when the safety hidden danger in front has been eliminated.


Photos of Chen "forcing" the train to stop without his clothes were recorded by his colleagues on his mobile phone and then uploaded to the Internet.
'they were very moved after the accident,' Mr. Chen said. 'the police in the car saluted and thanked them outside the car.
Editor: wang yuxin

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