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Troubleshooting Of Lawn Mower In Garden Machinery

- Sep 08, 2018 -

Troubleshooting of lawn mower in garden machinery

Now whether do business, we are all mechanization, such as a piece of our agricultural gardens, the machine can save time to us, for we saved a lot of labor, we see the lawn mower, lawn mower is a kind of machine tools for mowing the lawn, vegetation and so on, the output of the engine shaft equipped with blade, blade using motor in high speed rotation speed increased much, save the weeding workers work time, reduce a lot of human resources.

微信图片_20180719130131.jpg                                               But the lawn mower used for a long time will also appear such and such problems, so today to tell you.

1. Inability to cut grass

Remove the empty filter and clean it. If it cannot be cleaned, replace it.
Check if the blade is sharp and if it is blunt, polish it.
In addition, if the lawn has thick and thick leaves, if so, the size of the grass shearing should be increased to reduce the load of the engine.

2. If the oil is changed at any time, what is the failure reaction of the engine?

As the working time of the engine increases, the dissolved waste in the oil will gradually increase, the color of the oil will gradually become black, and the lubrication function will gradually reduce.
If the engine oil is changed at any time, the lubrication function of the engine oil will gradually reduce, which will lead to excessive oil consumption, premature engine wear and power loss, until the link breaks, and the engine is scrapped.
Oil change time should be 50 hours.
If the engine is operating at high temperatures or in dusty conditions, the oil change time should be about 25 hours, or depending on the color of the oil in the oil chamber.

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