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Troubleshooting Of Lawn Mower In Garden Machinery(2)

- Sep 01, 2018 -

Troubleshooting of lawn mower in garden machinery(2)

1.Engine instability

The throttle is at its maximum position and the damper is open.
Loose spark plug thread;
Water and dirt get into the fuel system;
The air filter is too dirty;
Improper carburetor adjustment;
Engine fixed screw loose;
The engine cranks.

Elimination: down throttle switch;
Press the spark plug outside line;
Clean the tank and refill the fuel;
Clean the air filter or replace the filter core;
Resetting carburetor;
Check engine mounting screws after extinguishing;
Calibrate the crankshaft or replace it with a new one.


2.The engine won't stall

The oil gate line is installed properly on the engine;
Break of oil gate line;
Throttle activity is not sensitive;
Do not touch the extinguishing line.

Elimination method: reinstall the oil door line;
Replace the oil gate line;
Put a small amount of oil into the moving position of the throttle;
Check or replace the flameout line.
Agricultural machinery as agricultural production and rich good helper, not only should be able to choose, good maintenance, correct operation, maintenance, maintenance machinery is also very important.


3. Spring can't start

If the maintenance is not properly done after winter, the reasons and countermeasures are as follows:

(1) it may be that the oil in the oil tank has not been drained for the first year, so check whether the fuel is qualified fresh oil.

(2) its function is to send the pulse high-voltage electric discharge of the high-voltage conductor (the nozzle line), break through the air between the spark plug and the two electrodes, and generate electric spark to ignite the mixed gas in the cylinder.
Many idling unstable, jitter, poor acceleration, lack of power, frequent idling self-extinguishing phenomenon, oil and gas consumption increased.
This is due to damage to the spark plug.
If the spark plug dirty, can clean, serious damage, need to replace the same model accessories.
If ignition is not possible, the gap between spark plug electrodes can be adjusted, with 0.6-0.9mm in winter and 0.9-1.0mm in other seasons.

(3) the gasifier should be cleaned if the fuel is not burnt out before the gasifier was stopped last year (it must be cleaned by professionals);

(4) send the professional shop to repair the carburetor of the mower engine.

You must do regular maintenance to the mower to reduce the occurrence of various failures.
In addition, if the lawn mower failure can not be solved by itself, must contact the after-sale processing.

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