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TUV Nanand The National Forestry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee Focus On The Safety Of Garden Machinery

- Jun 09, 2018 -

TUV nanand the national forestry machinery standardization technical committee focus on the safety of garden machinery

On June 2, in order to promote the technical exchange of garden machinery, garden tools industry enterprises and related units to learn more about garden machinery lithium battery industry development prospects and a better understanding of the IEC 62841 series standards, TUV she will group (hereinafter referred to as the "TUV she") together with the national forestry machinery standardization technical committee in Shanghai held a garden machinery international standard lithium battery system training, and invited delegates visited the TUV she on the spot testing center of Shanghai,
Nearly 100 guests were shown complete safety regulations, EMC(electromagnetic compatibility), testing equipment and capability of chemical laboratory.


With the increasing of human cost and the increasing emphasis on urban greening coverage, the role of garden machinery in urban greening and garden maintenance has become irreplaceable.
At present, the trend of the development of garden machinery industry, is based on the lithium battery power supply, and with the continuous development of lithium battery technology and application of lithium electricity garden machinery is accepted by more and more landscape professionals.
How to evaluate the safety and reliability of lithium battery packs effectively and accurately has become the focus of attention of manufacturers and users.
In view of the industry's demand for relevant international standard technical content, TUV suanand jointly organized the training meeting with the secretariat of the national forestry machinery standardization technical committee.
In this training from TUV she and IEC international electrotechnical commission of technical experts and safety assessment of the application of lithium ion battery, the requirement of EMC and RED robot lawn mower and tools of the latest standard IEC 62841 development trend for further reading.

Tools and electric tools for gasoline, although its power strong, stable work, but is also evident in the specific use of its shortcomings, such as gasoline tools use restricted to impact on the environment, electric tools use range is limited by the power cord.
With the development and maturity of lithium-ion battery technology, high-voltage and high-capacity lithium battery packs have appeared.
It is widely used in various tool products because its performance can meet the requirement of long time high current discharge.
At the same time, however, lithium ion battery is frequently involved in accidents due to its production process problems, unstable chemical properties and improper use.
This puts forward the requirements on how to control the production of lithium-ion batteries and how to use them properly.
TUV suanand's technical experts combine the requirements of specific new regulations with their own testing experience to introduce and interpret each safety test item from the perspective of the danger of lithium-ion batteries.
In addition, the future development direction of lithium ion battery and its regulations are introduced, which makes it convenient for manufacturing enterprises to make reasonable predictions based on their own situations.

Lithium electricity garden machinery at present in China is in rapid development stage, TUV she as the world's leading third party inspection agencies, is committed to domestic garden enterprises to provide professional and efficient one-stop service, help the enterprise to garden machinery lithium battery system in-depth research and development and production, provide the market with cost-effective, high stability of lithium electric garden machinery products.

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